three months of garden


here's a view of most of it


  1. Wow! Incredible! Not enough exclamatory statements to describe the awesomeness of your garden! I'm curious – did you rely on mother nature 100 percent for irrigation or . . . ? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. WHOOHOOOO!!! Food, flowers, feathery fowl and furry freinds. So sad I missed it. What the heck ate your cucumbers?

  3. I can smell you're garden!
    thanks for the moonvine and welcome home

  4. moi: no i had a fella install a pump onto the well for irrigation. however, after all the plants were well established i watered much less. we have been blessed with rain this summer. still growing: watermelon, okra, sweet potatoes, herbs, squash, cucumbers....finished: beans, the first squashes and the sunflowers.

    last night a bear came and ate all the "mr. stripey's" the giant heirloom tomatoes. and i was trying to get one for the bank's biggest tomato contest. hundred dollar prize!!! the bear also tried to eat a bottle of coppertone i have the lovely puncture holes to prove it.

    shamy: i hate you missed it too. i found something good to do with zucchini:

    slice in 1/8's
    dip in milk
    dredge through mixture of bread crumbs ( i make mine with buttered toasted french bread) parmesan cheese, garlic salt and pepper until both sides are well coated.
    bake at 425 on oven safe rack (i used a cookie cooling rack)
    15-20 minutes later you have crispy tasty zucchini chips. serve in rolled cone of parchment paper.
    they are delicious.

    what ate the cukes? im guessing a rabbit? i ve seen a few. boy i will hate it if they get the watermelons.

  5. ABG: oh you have no idea how often i thought of you. its not over. its only beginning. i fell asleep slumped over my moms bed. and i woke up cause she was patting my head. that was a sweet moment.

  6. Next year you'll win blue ribbons!

    Video made me smile in spite of the world sucking so much.

  7. Wow, that is a well layed out and cared for garden. The Mrs and I did one this year with some limited success, but not like yours. We're starting to get tomatoes now, but it's been so wet that a lot of them are rotting. We did do pretty well with beans, lettuce and cucumbers and had some rabbit and deer problems, but no bears (the Mrs would freak). We learned a lot for next year. Thanks for the video.

  8. Can anything beat the colour of green, growing, alive, vibrant, catcher of light.
    What a profound bounty you have at your fingertips.
    A veritable treasure trove.

  9. what a wonderful video. I love the music, the combination of food, flowers and the chickens. Who's that golden beauty with the blackish tail feathers? Stylin'!!

    I'm with Moi - can't exclaim enough. What an amazing bounty and journye (spiritually and physically) for you to have undertaken this summer. I just booked my resver's so leave some work for me. Canning or maybe you want to make moonshine in the winter? Hmmmmm. xoxoxo.

    Those sunflowers made my day.

  10. And I can help by EATING! Bwahahahahaha!

    Seriously, a BEAR? Whoa. I saw my first one ever, and I mean in 25+ years of wandering these mountains, about a month ago. Walked right into him. Scared me. Scared him. He ran. Thank goodness, 'cause I had no weapon except my voice. And a couple of Nutrigrain bars.

  11. Wow Chickory! Loved the fiddlin' music to go with all the video scenery. AWESOME said you were a novice at this? WhoooooooHoooo
    what a fine first year of farming.
    However do you teach Trout to not eat those chicks?

    Um, where have you been?
    RE your comment to ABG
    How's your Mom doing? I can tell you this, our Mermaid lives far away and I would love to be able to pat her head. If you are close enough for your Mom to pat you, see you, hug you, talk to you, then you have made your Mom happy.
    Play this video for you Mom? She'll be even happier. Kudos.

  12. Very, very beautiful (I especially enjoyed all the insect shots) - you must be feeling very satisfied and proud of your bounty. We've been thinkin' about you & Trout. xo S & Winnie Dixon

    excellent zucchini recipe- merci !!

  13. I have missed you. And, like the others, I cannot exlaim enough!!!

    A snuggle for Trout. Didja get my postcard?

  14. Ah no! Computer woes so I'se seein' ya on the phone thingy
    An caint git the video...but it looks amazin'!

    Will be back when compter gits over PMS

  15. troll: grrherhaha! i thought i was doing great with my big tomato. then "nephew's" aunt's step dad (grherhahaha again) came over to warn me about the bear and told me he had a two pound tomato still growin. fall plants next: carrot;radish;lettuce;onions;spinach;broccoli
    and er, thats why i started the garden. that giant sucken sound.

    buzz: well its a lot of time to maintain to that level. i have a nice husband that supports me so i had the time. i think he understands that this work is an alternative kind of retirement plan to supplement the traditional approach. except no one will ever retire again. grhehaha

    ive been working the farmers market out of the back of my truck. mostly "farm art" and some food. the sunflowers. its been so fun and ive learned a lot from the veterans.

    the bear! he might be back tonight. i cooked a fish.

    su: welcome! i read your post on visiting your daughter and grandchild. what a fine read that was. green treasure, indeed. i didnt know how rich i would feel.

    boxer: well since we were talking about the greatest rock songs i started remembering all the allman bros songs and got the pickin on version of "blue sky". do you know the "pickin on" series? they do blue grass covers of famous rock songs. i love their version of coldplays "clocks"

    oh there will be something to do. mostly have you film whatever and make a video!

    a journey it is and will continue to be. so many things i want to do. fruit trees maybe? V said more blueberries. definitely.

    moi: oh yeah. see, all the problem bears get relocated here because a federal wilderness area is 4 miles down the road from me. i think its kind of fun. magic. you might like this post where i managed to get aphoto

    voices work well. so do car alarms.

  16. fishy: ive been blue, thats where ive been. i wish i could show my mom this garden. she would be proud of me. and would love how the chickens are so integrated into our lives and how much ive been cooking. tonight i fried okra. its not as good as i remembered. it was okay. i need to experiment a bit. i think less cornmeal and more flour. and if butter can somehow be introduced into the process im sure things will improve. grherha

    susan: i have missed you gorgeous pages- i sneaked over a time or two but couldnt write for whatever reason. insects are abundant. now there are like goldfinches eating the sunflower seeds. i shall try my best to capture it for you. merci, mon ami. merci.

    faery: i did upon my return find your card and it meant the world to me. you must think i have forgotten your package but i have not yet been to my studio! by this weekend i will though. thank you so much...i have missed you too.

    aunty: you caint git video? well, its okay. it'll be here when you get back. i have a very sad picture to post. between this morning and late afternoon, something ate one of my crimson sweet watermelons. hollowed it right out. grah!

  17. I have missed you, but I did get your texts! :) Hugs friend! What a beautiful garden <3 I will be in touch soon :) I was logged into my youtube acct under gmail- and was going to revert back to Mayden- but then thought- Oh what the hell...A Rebelbelle seems right tonight :) Love to you- with lots of thoughts and prayers going your way <3

  18. I have missed you so much sweetie and I dont know where you have been but I gather your Mum has been sick and needed you...thank goodness you're here now.
    I loved the video, all of those beautiful images of Trout, hens, vegetables and flowers, wow, what are those lovely yellow flowers at 2.30 on the video, they look so nice and the music so fitting for the country.
    Your garden looks amazing, gosh how much all of your produce and flowers have grown, nature is a wonderful thing, how hard you have worked and now the rewards of your labour have paid off with this bountiful crop...just hope the critters leave you something.
    It all looks so beautiful set against that forest backdrop, especially the green of the pine trees.
    I hope you are well, Trout, V and the hens and I hope your Mum will be alright, love to you sweet girl.
    Dianne xoxo

  19. At least I now know where the garden of earthly delights is found.

  20. Bear Medicine:

    Hmmmm . . .

  21. So glad to see you here, and your beautiful garden. I've missed you!! We've got tomatoes and zinnias, and some zukes (thanks for that recipe), and not much else. Welcome home! xo Pam

  22. I asked C about picking series and he's seen them and is now searching because he liked the song that's with your video.


    **considers staying in ATL.......**


  23. "
    Green acres is the place for me.
    Farm livin' is the life for me.
    Land spreadin' out so far and wide
    Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.


    crop kudos! beauty, c!

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  24. rebelbelle: grherhahaha well i am happy to see you in any of your manifestations. love to you! and see ya in a month or so? hopefully be then some fall veggies will be on their way. soon i will harvest the sweet potatoes. man, ive been on a baking binge too.

    dianne: you are so sweet. thank you. it was seeing about my mum and i will need to return before long. it is very difficult to leave the much happened while i was away though V did a great job. i did find overlooked zucchini big as a baseball bat. grrrrrrhahahahaha thanks so much for your emails and kind words. it was greatly appreciated.

    walking man: and i believe you have a bosch painting outside your door as well! ;-)

    moi: dead on! seems my totem found me. thanks for the link.

    yoborobo: did you make the chips? arent they good? i make them almost everyday. nothing produces like a zucchini. why are there so many seeds in a pack. as if!! i missed you too. im looking forward to seeing all your spooky offerings.

    boxer: i almost went the the CSNY version of woodstock but the allmans said it best for my garden. theres a lot of them on itunes. and amazon. da bears will have slowed down by the time you arrive. not to worry!

    /t: i do not wear a pink negligee on my john deere! just sayin'. ...thanks 't

  25. rebelbelle? Oh NOOOO!

    I shoulda thoughta that

    (But I is gald a good girl got it!!)

  26. Look at you! You're garden is amazing! I'm so proud of you! I'm trying to get Emma involved in our local farmers market when she gets back. She knits and it's amazing!

    Hope your summer is going well. I see we're both back on the blogging bandwagon ;)

    Love you tons!

  27. i'm glad you followed your dream and went out there and ..... 'got er done' ... ;)

  28. Looks like the garden of eden to me.


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