the forest refuge


My hound Trout loves the creek. This photo shows how the creek is lower than the field. I was hoping to use a RAM, which uses the movement of the water to pump. I am wondering if it can pump up and across the field. Maybe i will use my well to water the garden. Or i may get lucky and we will finally break the drought that has gripped North Georgia for 3 years now. We've had a lot of rain this winter; the pines are full and green again and the fire bans have been lifted.

Here is 'ol trouter on the boundary rock up in the wood lot. She reminds me of a lioness in the way she moves through the forest. She spends the bulk of her day running animals up the trees - mostly squirrels but also the occasional raccoon and possum.

The cabin is very close to the creek. After hurricane Andrew hit Florida, we had torrential rains and the creek crested but never overflowed. I heard from the natives there is a flood every 100 years. The last one happened in the 80's so im thinking we might be lucky for a while.

This is the part of the field i am plowing up for a garden. Im not sure how big yet; maybe 20 x 20. I don't want more than i can handle.

I think i will order some Partridge Wynadottes this spring. I am a little worried because delivery is february 9 and i have to go out of town on the 20th. And i like to keep my bitties in for the first few weeks. I am worried also my established hens will kill the new birds. That pecking order thing is brutal. The wynadottes make a brown egg.

I also like these Black Japanese. I've read they are very independent. My current dominant hen, Dovey, is very willful and independent too. I've also considered the Araucana, which lays green-blue eggs, and the Golden Seabright. I wish i could have a yard full of chicks, but since i travel back and forth to the city i have to be able to transport my birds.

This is just a short video of the creek by the cabin.

This is my interpretation of the forest refuge at twilight. This image is available as a card on my Etsy shop.


  1. I still don't know how you ever bring yourself to leave that place.

  2. gnome: well - i am going to really start the garden this year. i have settled on 12 x 12 to start. and i am getting more chicks. and that means i have to stay for spring and summer to early fall. its not going to go over too well with the city dog but i have to do the things i want to do! we never know how much time we have -and it is tempting to to postpone until everything is "perfect". well perfect wont ever come so i am starting this year.

    thanks for coming by!

  3. i do love your creek! i love the sound of a babbling brook. i consider myself very lucky in that i can walk to a creek in this small town i live in.
    and you know what? you are right! you gotta do at times what's right for you. and living in the country, gardening, raising chickens seems to be it. and in nice weather you can also do you art outside! besides, the city dog can come down on the weekends to get away himself.

  4. foamy i love your attitude!! youre like a cool breeze. since art doesnt seem to be a priority in a necessity economy, looks like the least i could do to contribute to our retirement is to get the homestead together. i love a day spent doing physical things outside with a yard full of pets and lots of birds and wild things around and i dont want to miss my opportunity. your words mean a lot to me. thank you friend.

  5. I'm so pleased that you stopped by my place as last time I checked here I saw your Christmas message.
    Now I have found this wonderful, thoughtful post.
    Your photos are beautiful, what a lovely place for a refuge; I especially like the photo of Trout in the field where you will plant your garden. well all of the photos really, I love the sound of a creek as it flows by swirling and bubbling, I have one near me but it is quite a hike to get to it. We have many rocks like the one on which Trout is standing in our forest, the scenery here is similar just different trees.
    I admire that you take so much care of your pets and your hens, I hope all works out well with the new hens; its a shame more people dont take as much care. ♥
    Your interpretation of your forest refuge at twilight is beautiful, so thoughtfully painted with love, I can almost feel the air and hear the sounds of nature. ♥

  6. There are 1,000 words I could add to your beautiful card- and none would do them justice. I have been there...watched trout in the stream...written on the front porch as the river rushed passed me- and all I felt was a longing to never leave.

    If ever I knew a soul who belonged there, it was you.
    If ever there was a soul who WANTED to be there- for time out of mind- alongside you- it is ME.

    I hope I'm a star in your painting- the one just under the porch roof...or maybe even a small part of the pink in the sunset. I will never again go to the mountains without thinking of you and trout.

    What a gift you are to the world- and the world doesn't even know it.

  7. i see you've been rummaging and getting rid of some junk .. it was not worth keeping anyway and at the very end rather stenchy anyway.
    that belle is a good influence, eh? ;)

  8. That a way Trouter, keep those little nutters honest.

  9. Have you considered investing in a donkey? They can be trained to perform many post-apocaplyse tasks and are very low-maintenance.

    With the possible exception of Nephew and Bears, there aren't any critters in North Georgia that'll mess with an adult donkey.

    The chicks and garden will be safe.

  10. Wow. It looks so wild and wonderful.

  11. I have that last card under plexiglas on my desk at work. I love it. And I agree with Gnome... how do you leave?

  12. Sigh...record tha creek on MP3 fer me---wow, yore creeky place is paradise!

  13. Andrew? You were just a kid when Andrew hit and it didn't go anywhere near Georgia to my knowledge.

    You sure you mean Andrew?

  14. troll: i saw a little jack on ther NC craigslist. i need housing and fencing first i suppose. id love a little sicilian burro. not andrew...was it Ivan? 2006? or 05? the one that killed central florida....aunty?

    mayden: oh you are too sweet. you are more than a star in my painting you are a star in my life. and chickory is a place you are always welcome. ive got to go out of town for almost 10 days in may. wanna come be the caretaker? im sure chickens and hound will be easier than you caretaking at home is.

    dianne: you would love it here. i will have to find all the golden things in the spring and post them for you. i truly do love this place and i am very grateful i have it. i know every inch of it intimately - and it is alive with creatures and birds and flowers and a god variety of trees. thank you so much for visiting and your kind words.

    foamy: yes! a big cleanup everywhere.

    shamu: when trout finally caught a young squirrel she (to our horror) tossed it up in the air and caught it and swung it around, and thrashed it......grrrrah!

    aunty: you are welcome anytime. and i might just do that MP3 someday!

    boxer:its getting harder each time. but i feel bad for the big dog when i dont come home for days and days and days........

    moi: it is wild. and thats why i love it.

  15. What an incredibly beautiful place, dog, creek, forest, cabin, field ... looks like you live in heaven.

  16. I would like to sit on that porch and hear that rush for real...maybe even make a paper boat and watch it float away...

  17. susan: that is such a treasured comment since you live in a paradise of a different kind. and all your dogs! i think i am going to add to my pack this summer.thank you for coming by!

    lady prism: how wonderful to see you! i make little boats of leaves and twigs and sail them down the rapids - they always make it to the little pool safely. you are welcome to visit! xo

  18. It looks like such a peacful place.

  19. Do you know what I loved so much... those beautiful triliums down by the creek and those pretty yellow flowers in the video you made last year of your Forest Cathedral. ♥


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