Silver Wynadotte

Buff Lace Polish Crested

Golden Campine

Blue Shamo

A chicken is a wonderful pet
a garden ornament you won't regret
the tame descendant of the jungle fowl
a bug killing hunter on the prowl
a sociable inquisitive curious bird
with features that border on the absurd
if you don't like them; I'm upset
because a chicken is a wonderful pet

These gouache chicken paintings were done on chinese newspaper. They are available at my Etsy shop. chicken card set


  1. Great!

    Also love the video in the previous post of your Trout in the creek. BUT,
    your trout doesn't look like a fishy to me!

  2. A chicken as a pet?
    You can't beat it.
    If it gets you upset
    Then you can eat it.

    (The paper's Chinese but the Rhode Island's red.)

  3. These chickens are gorgeous and yes certainly you can add a link with me and my golden girl Em (Emma Jane Louise). I'm adding you as well to my design-y places.
    Happy sunday. xo S.

  4. ps, both Em & Jake are in dog heaven... just wasn't sure if you realized that. I lost my big red boy a year ago next Sunday and I'm just now beginning to feel like I can live life without him ... I said goodbye to Em a year before that. Em was 15 1/2 and the red boy, the love of my life, was just past 13. I do take enormous comfort that they lived long, exuberant and very fulfilled lives. But oh how they take your heart with them when they go. I still have Miss D (Winnie Dixon) who just turned 10 - thank goodness 'cause what would I do without her and three boy cats Bleet, Oliver & Gus.

    Another dog (or two) is most definitely in my future ...just not quite yet. I did hunt back through your blogs and I found the story and photos of beautiful Eva.

    Much love from the very frozen North, Susan

    Trout's a beauty and a lucky girl.

  5. fishy: well, she is native born. and her beauty is subtle -like a common brown trout.

    j cosmo newberry:

    eat a chicken that isnt "spring?"
    i hate to think of the trouble that brings!
    these old hens would sure be tough
    they said their eggs "should be enough!"

    susan: i did know that. i just love that photo of you two. but i might pick a good shot of you and miss D. you read "when the last leaf drops?" i had my beloved eva for sixteen years. sometimes out of the blue i will just cry for the missing of her. i know you understand. i want to link to you and i also plan to show those amazing flowers in the window sill photos. not only are you a great artist, but an amazing photographer as well. happy sunday!! xo

  6. I do love the photo of Em & I - the look on both of our faces so at ease and in love. Merci mon ami, xo S.

  7. I like the Golden Campine....

    A flock of chickens ( bout 20 probably) once ran after me...i was 12 and really freaked out, not realizing they were all after the feed plate still in my hands :(

  8. Beautiful paintings K9, so much detail in the feathers, they look good on the Chinese newspaper.
    Yes chickens make lovely pets, they are sociable and they all have their own personalities. ♥

  9. did somebody say chicken stew?
    just kidding ..
    i've always loved these.
    that lovely polish crested is my favorite though.

  10. Cool pix! At first I thought you were taking pictures of the Japanese papers through silk paintings.
    Nice work....

  11. K9 dear, I have been looking back through your archives, beautiful by the way, searching for the video you posted of Chickory, your 'Forest Cathedral' I think you called it.
    Can you please tell me where I can find it as I would love to watch it again,I could sure do with something as uplifting and spiritual as the forest there? ♥

  12. susan: well good! i am going to do so today!! xo

    whimsical brainpan: welcome to the forest! im glad you stopped by.

    Lux: i like the campine too. i thought i had bought one at the cant really tell when they are chicks. it turned out to be a barred rock -striped like the campine but black and white. good to see you grrrrrl.

    foamy: yes, these are older paintings but i just now listed them on Etsy. i have some new originals i hope to upload this week!
    diane: do you have some chickens? are you thinking of the video i did after i got so bummed out about the bailout and did the refuge in the woods slideshow? i'll see if i can find it here....

  13. K9 dear it was the video showing the hens, Trout, the triliums which I admired and you told me their name, if you can find it that would be lovely.
    Used to have hens where I lived before...the young couple who lived next door to me had quite few hens, they were bantams also and all had names. They escaped through the gate one day and had a lovely old time scratching in my front garden, it was nice to watch them. I alerted Katerina and just like a shepherdess with her flock she rounded them all up and they followed her back home. It was quite a special thing to watch. ♥

  14. K9 dear I found it under 'Today is a good day to become a subsistence farmer', yes it was a slide show which you posted on Sparring K9 on October I, 2008.
    The images are beautiful, I have 'bookmarked' it so that i can return. ♥

  15. Those are gorgeous!! I wish I had such talent!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I agree that chickens make wonderful pets, but I never would have thought so until I met yours.

    Hugs- things are better here- xoxo
    (just read your last reply :)


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