spring walk


on my walk i spotted ladyslippers pink and tender like a human heart. carpets of creeping phlox. tiny bird's foot yellow violets. sweet shrub. bloodroot. chickweed. solomon's seal. wild ginger. tiny native southern blue flag iris. lily of the valley. and great stands of trillium. Here are some of the beauties i encountered on my own little patch of paradise:

white trillium. a frequently poached plant, only to die at the new location. it takes 7 years for a trillium to mature to the blooming stage you see above

the southern blue flag. a tiny native iris with spearlike leaves

lady slipper. you find it where dead trees have decayed to a soft loam on the forest floor

little white stars. dont know what these are

the one red trillium on the entire place

lily of the valley

a fiddle head fern

dovey in the creeping phlox


  1. Love this...
    Happy happy Easter friend-
    I mailed you a card today- but with the holiday it'll be next friday before you get it!

    I'm glad you took these shots before old man winter takes one more swing at us...the old Ba$tard!
    Heavens- my grage looks like a greenhouse with all those plants in there!
    Hugs :)
    -me :)

  2. this is
    most appropriate
    for the easter weekend

    here we have six inches of snow still on the ground...

    happy easter, c


  3. great photos. i was out walking today and also took photos.

  4. i remember this floral walk from another time and place


    well, my Spring Break is over

    I did.....

    7.5 total hours of sweaty Bikram's yoga

    (so far)

    and not much else.

    best do some homework tonight I reckon.

    new post up btw

  5. ah, this is a spring/easter post i can get in to.

    this is what easter is to me - not the damn chocolate eggs and jelly beans and colored eggs- but the resurrection - the renewal.

    i have blue iris in a vase on my dining room table - wish i'd taken the time to do some planting earlier so my balcony would be arrayed with color - oh well....

  6. I cant believe you caught all of these on your walk... blooming in tandem just for you! (well and us too I suppose! =])

    I dont miss the climate of the North East, but I do miss the spring flowers! Its totally different here in Florida.

    Have a great holiday!

    cheers, Kate

  7. Lovely, oh oh....I remember....but don't step on the red eft....!!!

  8. allright then
    "rode hard and put away wet!"

    i put 'em away!!

    and made a nicer, kinder, friendlier, post instead.

    so all's well in blogville

    except for the 2 week migraine...

    but what else is new?

  9. hey .... we had a splendid sunshiney good friday here too - check my pics in my photo blog - i got some nice flower pics, too. looks like we were on the same wavelength yesterday.

    i even gots a tiny litte sunburnt forehead and collarbone-area to prove all my time spend in the sun!

    happy easter.

    love, me.

  10. As is the usual, all I have to do is be gone fer a time ans when I get back, folks have moved along so far that it'll take a week just t'catch up with everyone!

    Nice posey pix, Chik.

    (hmmm. that just came out like that. Dang!)

  11. Nice to have wildflowers around. They're easier than maintaining a garden, although I gather you do that too.

    In Cincy, there are a lot of wildflowers, but I couldn't hardly name any of them.

  12. Beautiful. Happy Easter, friend. I'm glad to know you.

  13. "the southern blue flag" it was pretty, all of them are, but I am intrigued by the pretty white rocks nearby, they are pearly, perhaps ancient marine type rocks... Sorry for the exciment, but I don't see too many of my species around heah. "I am a rock, I'm an island..." la, la di da la...

  14. mayden: damn the freeze! i dont know its going to do to the trillium, theyre pretty tender. its amazing how much colder it is just 100 miles north of ATL happy easter to you...belated yes i know but sincere all the same.

    /t: all the way to may right? still the super cold brews up some show stoppers...and when we peter out from heat it'll still be fresh up in MH.

    foam: i saw that. nice creek. we have similar surroundings!

    vanille: youre right! i've been struggling to upload a decent video to utube so i could post it...put its all pixillated!!! WTF

    bird: grrrrl get on that potato vine like last year. spring renewal...and then comes summer slackin' (at least for me)

    kate: welcome! did you follow K9 here? i know the plant life of central fla. well. i like the tababooya (i know thats spelled wrong) trees...the yellow ones.
    but youve got both tropical and then oaky hammock stuff. niiiiice!

    anon: i havent seen a red eft yet....still too cold. im going to do a post of critters later...

    vanille: yeah that was the recoil post. howl!! but still i had fun with it. grrherhaha

    red: hey! you all settled in? i look forward to seeing your pix....ive realy enjoyed your slide shows

    boney: the posey! i didnt even know about that until i found myself in that dogfight,,er, duel. and i miss it! i should go into some yards and start some trouble again. whatdayathink???

    xdell: i did a project last year with a botanical garden. and they gave me all these exotic hydrangeas and magnolia from china...and the deer ate it all. a cultivated garden needs attention almast everyday, and so i leave it to nature to put out what ever she sees fit.

    hey enemy! good to see ya girl. thanks for stopping by.

    Q: the rocks are everywhere...big small. thats another reason not to garden here. diggings a pain. better to MINE you know?

    thanks for stoppin by everyone.


  15. etsy:

    bird skirmish

    these are little jewels(!)

    and 'me and eva and gauguin' -- like chagall + escher /w color -- also a beauty, chickory


  16. oh natasha, get over yourself!

    jazleen, eat one or 20 of those granola bars!

    jael, upsidedown pentagram tattoo? WTF??

    and the acting theme? Tributes to ANTM of the past??? puke-a-rino
    this has got to be the most embarrassingly guilty pleasur yet. i mean, I feel my IQ points slipping away.

    Oh, and if Miss Jay slips on one more ruffle... I am gonna gag. PS: put on some more litgloss Mr. J.

  17. oops:

    i mean

    Miss J.

    and Lipgloss Mr. Jay

  18. /t: you looked at my shop?!?!? thank you!! me and eva and gauguin is a personal favorite, now that the big yellow chunk is gone. thanks for the ping on the bird paintings. really appreciate the comments.

    vanille: jael! what makes someone have a speaking voice like that?? i cannot stand it. worst. skin. ever. and last nights photo shoot? ugly. natasha? you mean nata nata nata. jaslene the drag queen. *hurl* mr chickory gives me beaucoup shyt over this show which i TiVo no less. i like brittany and am glad they took that wig off of her. i'd cry too.


  19. WHY

    did they mess up everyone's hair?


    now that she is a brunette.

    she looka like-a man.
    She talka like-a trailer trash, and do we believe her mamma is black? half black? we maybe could if her eyes were not blue, hair not blonde. that girls whiter than i am!! Oh LORD don't even get me started on that puke tie tshirt that she wears EVERY WEEK!!! GAWD!!

    natasha is ok with dark hair, but now it is fried

    I like her because she is like 20 and married to a 43 year old and you know she did it to get away from molesting uncle Nikoli in USSR!
    she misses her bebe

    I think Tyra is on prozac

    and i also think she is having the baaad kind of reaction to it!!

    ps twiggy is a bitch

  20. The lil white stars....I've heard two names.
    One was David's Stars....(?)
    The other on Lord of the Ring movie #2, Two Towers, King Theodin (I don't know how t'spell the name, but, he's fictional, so, big deal) holds one up and calls it by name.
    well, something like that, eh?

    Still, what cool pix of the posies!

  21. Those little white flowers are called

    Star of Bethlehem

    So mystery solved...

    New post please!!

  22. Chicory Dawg, I'se been outa the groove so long, I cain't even understand what ya'll is talkin' 'bout...but I like your jardin au naturel.
    But, ah...is lost in that Eden? Ain't seen yore mark here or there.

    That new hound of your'n--hoo! I doan know, now....a tree walkin' dawg--dern thas' somethin' else.

  23. I'm I the only one that didn't know K9 was a female dog?
    Glad to have you back on my bloglines and blogroll.

  24. Now who??? Dawg...I cain't keep up wif' ya! Now Chicory Dawg is SHE?

    Hep us'uns out--whar' is SHE 's blog?
    (Yep! Diggin' Oriana!WHOO-WHEE!)

  25. soooooooooooooooooo, where's that chicken video? and is it gonna have sound? and are you gonna speak or just cluck along with those chicks.....:)? (kidding).
    methinks i outta go to bed, but i'm trying to write a post. i ought to just stick in in draft and fergit about it.

  26. oooooh'...what a refreshing sight in this late hot morning!!..I luv' dovey...and the pink slippers looks like the queen of the fairy flowers!...

  27. Three cheers fer yer sidin' with the possum! 'Course, down that-a-ways, besides the fast trucks and get-goes, there's another predator....
    Possum makes good enough eatin' that there's recipe in Joy of Cooking.

    Personally, I couldn't eat one...
    (and here it comes...probably shouldn't say this, but I can feel the words slipping off m'fingers right now....)
    I think they're cute.

    Dang! I am fairly sure I shouldn't'a said it, but, what the hey. They are kinda cute how they waddle along, and if they know yer not on 'em in an attack pose, they befriend ya t'just go along with.
    Walking with a possum ain't no easy bit, though. They are nocturnal and they definately don't like flashlights. Kind'a like when the cop pulls y'over at night, what's the first thing they do? Shine that stupid light in yer eyes!
    But, on a full moon night in friendly type woods, possums are fun to walk with.

  28. hey you ... a bad dog sounds better than what i gots - which is no dog. i opened a book today and saw a little baggie of hair i had stashed there some time ago - apricot-coloured doggie hair. it broke my heart and made me smile and cry all @ once. (i happened to be sitting in the computer lab, @ school. i guess that now makes me the college crackpot.) i opened the bag, and took a sniff ... hoping to drink in his smell ... but, alas - like him ... its faded. all too soon.

    thinking of you ...

    love, me

  29. hey ... i so miss a dog around the house. kiss yours on the nose for me, k?

    i posted something special i found -- its on my blog. i think you'll like it as much as me ... check it when you get a chance.

    love, me

  30. I see the marijuana crop is coming along quite nicely.

  31. hello there Ms. Chickory!..

    How are you???..I sure hope your happy fine!..

    A huggy' to Dovey and a pat pat to Trout :>

    Take care!

  32. Good heaven's to betsy and fiddle dee dee but was it ever Divine to woefully log onto my well neglected site and see your comely prints at my mat. Thank you dear girl. You have no idea how good it was to see your calling card. This half-a-crone has been riding a hellacious roller-coaster ride on the c-line thanks to a big 4-Oh health check gone wrong. Thanks for reminding me that things are never wrong as long as there are beautiful words, great lighting, pretty blooms, climbing dogs, and nodding friends. You too were missed as I stumbled along forgetting that I didn't have to go it alone. Thanks for the visit luvie. I'll be posting again soon - but till then, I'll be visiting you here. Ever your Lady

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