Golden sunflowers and bright lights cosmos have given way to fall asters and goldenrod. My flower bouquets for the farmers market turned from bold candy colored blooms to airy displays of delicate pastel forms. The sun has dipped south and now 3 pm has a fainter light than 7:30 pm had in early august. I could smell fall on the wind near the end of July and now, in October, the earth is bathed in diffused warm light complimented by a crisp blue ceiling. The hummingbirds left but there are plenty of nuthatches, finches, chickadees, titmice, downy woodpeckers and the large pileateds, jays, doves and owls. If you are not deeply in love with the world in fall, then you are truly hopeless and you have my sincere pity.

I had a delightful weekend blog summit with cyber and material friends who share this creative process of filling a blogger compose box. With my guests safely ensconced in the little cabin, I took to the freshly completed studio for my bedroom. My bathroom breaks were under a milky way as clearly defined as the deer path through hemlocks just a few feet away. An owl called from the woodlot to another on the edge of field and the waning moon was bright enough to make shadow. The early morning stars are the best of all as it truly is darkest before dawn.


Trout, and one of the chickens, watched over my guests as they (i hoped) slept peacefully to the sounds of flowing water and whirring night insects. Trout took advantage of having a house full of dog lovers but managed to be tolerable and possibly even charming in spite of her mercurial nature. She shined on the prey trail and flunked out totally at dinnertime as she silently moved in on unsuspecting guests, her snout inches from their plates. I had to correct her often which highlighted the fact that she is more of an independent contractor than a pet and that i am a lame and inconsistent pack leader.


The chickens were great of course. They free-ranged as always and greeted my guests when they arrived. They are just the most companionable little creatures, happily scratching out a living while us bloggers lounged about in lawn chairs discussing other bloggers over gimlets and a tequila shot. Easter always charms as she thinks she should be afforded the same privileges the dogs have, and inserts herself into the cabin often. On Saturday night, I actually allowed her to stay in for the night so she could hang out with the girls.


I managed to get some watermelons all the way to ripe this year by fencing them off from whatever critter ate them last year. I left one to harvest during the summit, and then forgot. We looked at the baby watermelons and felt sorry for their lack of light and the forecast of 40 lows to come that eve. These cute little late bloomers wont get any bigger so i will pick them and at least add them to some sort of gourdy pumpkin fall arrangement. I cant bear to just chuck them into the hedgerow like i did with all the extra too big cucumbers, which i never felt any tenderness towards. I don't really care about them so next year i'll do something else. There just isnt that much summer food I like. It's spring that has all the good stuff.


There wasn't a lot going on in the garden. We did eat some of the romaine, read leaf lettuce and spinach. Tomatoes were scarce but there were still peppers. Nasturtiums were loving the new cool air but the zinnia had grown leggy and the foliage had silvered with age and a light dusting of powdery mildew. The next few weeks i will prep the garden for winter and try a few experiments with my makeshift garden cloche and peruse the seed catalogs looking toward the new year which with each birthday, comes so much sooner than the year before.


About a million years ago, Buzz won a contest correctly guessing what art i was making with the leftover triangles that were the by-product of my studio stairs. Buzz, here are a few of the available designs:




Of course, i can make any color combo or chicken breed you want so just say the word and i will send you your prize. You could use them as a door stop or as a handy weapon, or even as a folk art decoration. ;-)

And finally, some jewelweed. Hanging on to summer.


  1. Chickie,
    I'm delighted you enjoyed your special guests, as I am certain you are a fantastic host. I do love the fall. It's my most favorite time of year and I am always excited when it arrives and even more sad to see it leave.

    Your watermelon looks devine, as I enjoy mine with salt. :) And I'm so glad your chicken was allowed to be part of the girls club.

    And I've decided my next travel adventure will definitely be to the east coast. Hearing the lovely stories from each of the summit attendees, has convinced me where I must go.

    xo, chickie. I'm glad you're well.

  2. I like the Barred Rock wedgie chicken and feather! Reminds me of the ones on my grandparent's farm a long time ago.

  3. Such a treat to see your photos and art once again, Chickory (although would still be curious to see that new studio of yours, which I imagine to be a perfect spot within a larger perfect spot). Sounds like great camaraderie and countryside were involved during your blogging summit. Inspiration doesn't always make its way into blog posts, but sometimes it does - and connects with someone on the other side. Thanks for the well-chosen words and photos.

    So are y'all leaving the food photos up to Shamy? Dang, I want to know what you ate :)

  4. Chickory,
    Creativity abounds.
    Gratitude spreads for a glimpse at the result and appreciation for the eye that sees.

    Welcome back.

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  6. I was wondering what you'd been up to! It sounds like a lovely summit. I can't think of a nicer place to sit with friends, while dogs sneak food and chickens charm. ;) Love the new wooden chicks! xox Pam

  7. Lovely to have you back with us dear chickory, you have been missed.
    Thank you for your lovely words and glimpses into your life they are always appreciated and inspiring.
    The photos of your flowers, surroundings and your art as always are a vision.
    Lovely photo of Trout and what a special treat for Easter to hang out with the girls.
    I love Fall/Autumn,the light has a softness to it and the air has its own special fragrance and coolness.
    Love the brightness of the jewelweed in the golden sunlight.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! blogga just ate all my lengthy detailed comments to each of you. HATE IT.

    Kymmie: you come east and see me. Its like a long cool drink of water. all that green - and now green and gold. we'll test your workout on ass-burner mountain. hee hee.

  9. Oh hai, cat. grrrrrrrrherhahahaha great to see ya in da house. Those barred rocks are great layers...and good riders in the car too. but not too great on confinement. they like freedom -which i give them...or her now that ive lost two. im ordering more this spring. chirp!

  10. eggy! you know i just love to say that? eggy eggy eggy. I dont know if shamy took food pics - i made thursday night;s meal - my moms EGGY mac and cheese, pecan encrusted trout and a red salad (read leaf lettuce, red onions, red cabbage and strawberries..recipe my SISTER gave me) i made buckwheat pancakes with blueberry syrup on friday morning and she made a feast of handmade gnudi and rosemary ribs on friday night. mmmmm. on saturday night, we just ate whatever we could find out of the fridge.

  11. su: i thank you a million times for checking on me. I avoided the blogs...didnt want to get sucked in until i was ready. i had a good late summer, but of course, it is very hard to witness my mothers long slide into the next world. sometimes it is just too hard to look at and other times she is like a sweet little dolls with sparkling eyes radiating pure love. thanks for being here and for your candles. xo

  12. dani: i missed you too! were your ears burning? you were remembered fondly at the summit -by all.

  13. yoborobo: yes the season of the witch is upon us and i look forward so seeing your offerings on spooky time jingles. i bet youve been super busy! i see there is a contest? some lucky person is going to be very happy. Your frida lives in my studio - the patroness of creative endeavor.

  14. dianne: hello my sweet, how does your garden grow? any tender emerging spring beauties yet? The light in autumn is what makes it so romantic -like candlelight at a dinner table -everyone looks better. WHat romantic words will i find on your page? im on my way.....<3

  15. I am beyond lucky ducky to have witnessed the beginnings of a North Georgia fall. The light when we returned from town that afternoon of the first day makes me wish I could paint. Dang, it was beautiful. Thank you again.

    That Easter cheekohn is a mighty well-behaved house bird. I'm glad you let her stay, even if we had to shake our heads at ourselves.

    I wanted to get to know Vera a little bit better, but she wasn't having any of it. I think you need to record her fussy fuss car noises. They are on the one hand heartbreaking but on the other mighty hilarious.

    Trout. Well. The plan was to ask St. Peter to send me back as an Apache warrior or a Kenyan. Now, maybe I'll have to ask to be sent back as Trout, with every ounce of her complicated whimsy and recalcitrant rovering.

  16. Add me to the 'so glad you are back' group! I love the new artwork also. Buzzy is lucky! Sounds like you had a lot of soul renewal this summer at your wonderful Chickory.

  17. autumn is the Mama Earth's reward for perseverin' through cold silent winter, giving birth to chirpy spring, and nurturin' summer into such plenty. She earns her glory!

    them blogger buddies is most fortunate to have a taste of REAL nawth jawja life.

    Lovin' this re-entry, Chick9.

  18. chickory,

    first, welcome back!

    happy to hear your summer turned out to be so productive... and delicious, i'm guessing :)

    all of the seasons have their charms, of course, but fall really is best -- mainly because of the clear light and those gorgeous smells of decay (ok, call me odd) -- i have some mild allergies to things like pollen and such, so spring and simmer smells are fraught with peril, and nobody in their right mind tries to take in a good snort during winter here (too cold, trust me) -- fall is best time to enjoy all of those wonderful aromas

    anyway, good to hear from you and find you posting again

    × × ×


  19. Judging from everyone's posts, the blog summit was a huge success. Fall is my absolute favorite season for the reasons you gave and Halloween. I was outside last night and heard an owl hooting in the distance and realized I don't have the decorations up yet.

    Shamu made those gnudi for you? They looked great on her post a few weeks back. You all had some good eats from what I gathered.

    And finally, thank you for the wooden chicken. I let the Mrs choose and she would like the gray one (number 2) to adorn a shelf in our den. I'll email you my address tomorrow. Would love to see pics of your next farm market adventure.

  20. I guess it's safe (now) to tell you I let Trout clean my plate on Saturday. In the dark, around the fire. SORRY!!!

    My baptism in the creek with you Saturday is at the top of a very full list of wonderful things that happened in the world of Chickory.

    You are a perfect hostess, giving us your beds and planning a wonderful three days. We even got a new chair!

    Buzz! I saw one of those in the studio and they are cool. Glad you get one.


  21. Good evening Chickory,

    What no pledge, no contract, no referendum to fix the world's problems. 4 the greatest minds around, get together and instead of solving all the world's problems. They do shots! Gee Whiz...I guess this means I have to go to work tomorrow. I must say I was really hoping for more.

    Perhaps a black and blue handy chicken weapon would make me feel better;-)

    Glad you're back!

  22. gorgeous photos! i love the look of fall. i really do. unfortunately my poor nose doesn't like it so well. i sniffle and sneeze my way through the season. sleeping with a chicken in the house would be a first. i bet that was fun and different for everybody.

  23. moi: i love Vera too! shes not all lovey dovey like Easter though. Heavy chunk of bird is sweet enough but you have to get her...she never jumps on me like the others. i know...imagine how dreadful the ride was before i covered the birds and had to hear their weepy repetitive crys for two solid hours. its almost cold enough to put them in the trunk! grherhahaha thanks for loving Trout and being so good to her - you were, and are, great with dogs...including your sweet old lame black mix. and blue eyes.

    pam: good to be back -with bloggin, if youre not feeling it, youre not feeling it. i needed to be in life fully for a while. a lot was accomplished. we had a ball watching PR together and talked about what youd say about each of the looks. MONDO!

    aunty: thank you. autumn indeed does feel rewardish...the harvest, the feasting, and getting to wear jackets again! yey!

    /t: thank you!!! now i have some archived art of yours to peruse at my leisure. the decay is the smell - the sweet good earth and decomposing leaves. many people suffer here in fall - the goldenrod and ragweed i think. yeah a winter snort at your house means a brain freeze! owwwwwww

  24. buzz: i love halloween! its my favorite occasion for a party. although, this year, im not having a party. im not ready. will shoot for a christmas party this year, or maybe something like arbor day.

    hopefully shamy will post pictures of her feast. it really was like "babette's feast" where she spends like days making one meal..

    good call by ms buzzkill! i like the grey one too!

    boxer: nooooooooooooooooooooo~oh hell to the NO. grrrrrherhahahaha. Trout: Mountain Opportunist
    shhhhhhh you werent spossed to talk about the baptism at the waterfall which initiated you into the North Georgia Mountains Liberation Front! Should we tell Karl about the walking on hot coals part?

    Karl: look, part of being a refuge is to take out sacred pacts to the grave, baby! and note that my post says "shot" not shots. now that we are old we have a drink - and really mean "a" grrrherhahahhaha
    good to be back and great to see you!

    foamer! what the hail far is goin' on! im sure sleeping with chicken feathers near by would be a nice addition to your sneezing situation! V is struggling too. on claritin lately.

  25. Those are SO CUTE! I always love your bright colors :) The cabin is looking amazing :)

  26. I have sad news to report. I have not digital dot of photos of the food I cooked. Not one. Cooking for beloved friends is intensive. Shooting food photos is intensive and makes for cold congealed food. I know since most of my Dim Sum Sunday food ends up that way. Will have to make due with descriptions.

  27. Frankly you're lucky you still have four chickens because you know they wanted a road trip in the van.

  28. Ruh roh. I didn't put my feet in the creek. Am I still a member of the North Georgia Mountains Liberation Front anyway? If so, just remember: mounted infantry all the way, baybeeee.

    P.S. I can't believe we don't have photos of Shamu's feast! Then again, we all tucked into those ribs and gnudi and mushroom sauce so fast, I think I'll take piping hot and fragrant over photographic evidence any day. Everyone will just have to take our word for it. Shamu's food is to Die. For.

  29. I can see it now: Chick9 behind the wheel of her pickup, in a helmet and goggles. Shamy riding shotgun, maps on a knee board 12ga. pump at hand. A cooler it between them with light refreshments. Moi in the bed of the pickup with a pedestal mount Ma-duce, wearing designer body armor. Boxer covering the rear with an AK-47 and an RPG, looking out over a heavy bag pushed against the tailgate. Trout on a blanket in the back ready for action. The North Georgia Mountains Liberation Front mounted infantry ready for action and woe be it to anyone that gets in the way.(insert rebel yell)

    Yes, you should tell Karl about the walking on hot coals part?

  30. So Karl, does this mean you don't want to know about the one bench seat and 10 breasts?

  31. Oh sure I do. But it must have been a tight fit with all 4 of you and trout in the front seat;)

  32. Edith: bring your new husband east for a visit. when youre through nesting and being crazy in love and all that. LOL. nice work youre doing too. so proud of SKP!

    Shamy: damn. well. it makes good sense and was appropriately prioritized. It was a fine and elegant meal. I look forward to the review. Glad they climbed into the van and not a grill or frying pan. grherha

    moi: i left you in charge of the firearms. you were a critical member of the NGMLF from the get go. you b
    e infantry -im working on that ultra-light. lol

    Karl: LOL!! what a vision you paint. i can live with that scenario!

    shamy: *snort*

  33. In my mind I can paint the vision. But alas, I am no artist. Although, I happen to know a very good one. Should she decide to put brush to canvass, this could indeed be a most interesting work.

  34. Okay.
    Please be advised THIS is the post I will visit to get centered on what is relevant after getting stressed off course.


  35. Welcome Back Chickory, I've missed your colourful posts! Don't like summer vegetables huh? I like 'em all...except beets! ha!

    Very clever to "see" chooks in the triangles like you do! They are gorgeous.

    I'm happy you gals had such a nice gathering, good food, good times!


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