the view back toward the Cohuttas

A field in morning light

an incredible display by mr. hickory tree
seed pods travel on silken parachutes

dont know what this is but looks like a good seed harvest

a work in progress

I find my self in an unusual situation: covered up in work! I have several pressing deadlines and havent been able to work on my garden in weeks. Hopefully this weekend I can get some manure and leaves and compost on the beds before first frost, which is close. Ive been shooting jewelry again for a company in NYC. I love doing this work, it pays well, and its much much easier than illustration.

I am also still working on the movies for the Chamber of Commerce and have some more video work lined up. Then I am planing on having an open studio sale the weekend after Thanksgiving. Handmade Holiday. However, today I have to illustrate a holiday card for a local bank. I painted 2 yesterday and dont like either one. That's rare for me, I usually get it on the first try. So I start my workday today with a psychological deficit. Let's hope the mind clearing country stroll worked its magic. Have a terrific day!


  1. You have a lot of color in your trees. Mine are all still green for the most part. I think because of all the rain this year. The Mrs would like the jewelry you shot.

    I'm sure your bank card will come together. I know I'd like to see the finished one.

  2. Thanks for the stroll around the property. I especially like the seed pods and next-to-last pix.

    Fall colors are underway here as well.

  3. Lovely Autumn colours. I like the jewellery you're photographing too. Good luck with the card design!

  4. Love, love, love the colours and textures of your autumn! Hoping the country stroll does the trick for you! xoxo

  5. wow! Color Color Color.

    I'm in work hell; cold shop and 12 hour days. Over soon. I hope.

    glad you're bizzy with work too, but I know it cuts into your "chickory" time so here's hoping you push through and are on the other end soon.


    That first picture is breathtaking.

  6. beautiful place, c

    your love of autumn is apparent

    × × ×


  7. whoa!

    what/The sidebar is back? yay!!

    Golden indeed. Makes me homesick--oh, wait, I'se from FLorida--ah well, it is lovely, Chick9.

  8. Gorgeous Autumn images from your beautiful piece of Paradise and I love how you have incorporated nature into the photographs of the jewelry.
    Have a good day sweet girl.
    xoxoxo ♡

  9. I love seeing your corner of the world through the seasons. These are all breathtaking, and that one of the seedpods is amazing. I've never seen anything like that. Good luck with all your biz(zy)ness!

  10. Mr. Hickory is a handsome gentleman! Enjoy all of that busy-ness, sounds like fun!

  11. thanks, everyone! Its good to see you all - I wish I could send each of you a big box of beautiful leaves. I think we are heading into the waning side of the leaves...some trees are bare now. and here comes daylights savings time and we enter the season of long nights. bummer.

  12. Our aspens turned in the mountains a few weeks ago—always a stunning display—and now we're getting reds and oranges in the scrub oaks here in the 'hood. Good thing I got out and about to enjoy that yesterday; it snowed overnight and now everything is grey/green. The first snow is always such a bitch-slap.

    Yay to being busy! I hope you get some of those illustrations locked in and under your belt :o)

  13. While I love your generous leaf offering I think I'm good on that front.

  14. Beautiful photos of my favorite time of year. I still envy all your trees! Kymmie and I did a drive yesterday into the eastern part of our county and found lots of trees turning. Had the camera with me but never got around to taking pics since we were yakking it up the whole time while Caleb slept. We are having a beautiful fall here which is a surprise after our extreme heat this summer. Anyway, I envy the jewelry work and praise you for the video work! Life is busy for everyone lately!

  15. Do you have Virginia Creeper ? It's the very best pure red leaf here.

    Darn those psychological deficits - begone now y'hear xoxo s + gang

  16. Thanks for sharing your garden and yard, being a Michigander, I love the fall and miss it, haven't seen fall colours since I lived in Sydney (only in the mountains)

    I have always found jewelry so hard to photograph. You make it look easy, as usual.

    Your poem from the post above and the colours from your Day of the Dead display are so cheerful. Wish we had more Mexicans in Miami, there is no Cuban or Colombian Day of the Dead!

    Congrats on all of the work and keep on making hay, girl.


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