Haiku Monday: Walk


mercury waves and poppies;
no wicked witches.


  1. I'll get you my pretty, and your little poem, too!

  2. Lovely image and haiku, Californian poppies are so pretty.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Nice use of intoxicating (5) and beautiful picture. Really overcast near the coast?

  4. What is it they make from poppies?
    Oh! I remember, it's yellow brick roads.

  5. Great imagery!
    Hey, you never told me about your art starters book! I found it while looking through the Davis publications site then made the connection to you myself. Had an Ah-ha moment and then felt very proud of you and happy to virtually "know" you. Should I buy it from them or do you have a copy you could sell through your online store? I could purchase it with a paypal payment.
    School starts one week from today and I am excited and anxious...already having weird "I don't know how to teach anymore" dreams every night. It cracks me up that even through this is my 15th year my mind still gets all worked up about the first day of school!
    Check out the two new pictures of my ridgebacks on www.room9art.blogspot.com if you have a chance. Want to see the book soon so let me know what you think!

  6. Terrific! My favorite so far!

  7. I heart that photo. And the haiku you paired with it. Hope it is good to be home.

  8. I just love this... and thanks for the reminder.

  9. thanks all!

    one little deer: I can never find you! your link back is unavailable. About art starters...get it from Davis or wherever you can - I dont have any! I used to..but over the years Ive given them away. I wrote that when I was a high school art teacher. I used to have "class out of control" dreams all the time. not anymore ;-) Have a great first week - and remind me how i can find your blog again - id like to see the dogs.

  10. Thanks for the info about the book. I will pick it up from the Davis site.
    Try searching on room9art in google. I have enough page views now that it should pop right up and you can visit me. I do have another blog at www.onelittledeer.blogspot.com. From there you can visit my school site. ( room9art) Please follow me so i know that you got there!


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