Cosmos and Friends



  1. Lovely. Just lovely.

    (The lazy person's response).


    Hope you're well gorgeous lady.

  2. spectacular, Chick9!

    such intense colors. Luv the squash/ zucc blossom wif' bee lover.

  3. absolutely beautiful! Spectacular colors ..

  4. I'll take a busy person post from you anytime you want to put up the following:

    flowers, dogs, chickens.

    Happy Fourth of July. Don't work too hard. xxox

  5. gorgeous !! and ya know I loves me some cosmos xoxox Missy D & S

  6. I enjoy seeing the greenery. Everything here is all burned up from the heat and lack of rain.

  7. What a coincidence! I'm doing a huge painting of Indian Blankets right now, aka Gloriosa Rudica, the psychedelic ones.

    Beautiful works of love Chickory, yes, cosmic. There is so much appreciation and love in these photographs. Thank you for showing them.

    You well?
    Jah guide

  8. gorgeous, c

    happy 4th to you
    all american friends

    × × ×


  9. wow, just lovely chickory.

    i am surrounded by gorgeous wildflowers at my home right now.  i have been spending time up close with them, marveling at their beautiful variety.  i am amazed by the intricacy and stunning details of nature.  the tiniest flower has so much to offer, if one spends time observing them it will blow your mind.  

    i have been wishing i could capture this in photos, but with an ancient digital camera and a lack of your photography skills, it ain't gonna happen!  so how nice to come here and see your pictures.

  10. Oh how absolutely gorgeous they all are, the colours are just so beautiful, you have made me extremely happy to know that in your cathedral garden these flowers are blossoming and you have shared them with us.
    Thank you dearest chickory, you are a sweet girl! ☼

    xoxoxoxoxxoxo ♡

  11. Gorgeous photos but #1 takes my breath away. Hope you are having a great 4th of July weekend. So glad you posted these! Does bee in the flower qualify for stop action? Why yes, it does!

  12. Beautiful!! Happy 4th of July!! Luv you ...

  13. Did you lie down
    in wet grass
    to share
    this joy
    with us?


  14. to all: and here I thought I phoned this one in. I had a difficult week in the garden. Low were my spirits as i was sick most of the week. I discovered that my tomatoes had suffered terribly from the auto watering system -wetting the leaves and causing early blight in the humidity. I think I have saved them all, harvested lovely parsley, and spring onions....but the flowers were the stars of the garden. I usually flesh out my bouquets with ditch flowers: queen annes lace, black eyed susans, wild phlox, and white goosenecked loosestrife. I found a wild patch of passion flower on the roadside, sustained a wicked spider bite and managed to bring in 5 stellar country bouquets to the farmers market.

    thanks to all, for stopping by.

  15. Ok, I have three blogging buddies that can photograph flowers beautifully and all of you do it so differently. You know Dani but go and check out my friend Thombeau if you are so inclined, he really does gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing such bright little blossoms. Have a great day, hon! x

  16. Carefull with that spider bite!

  17. Great photo of the squash's one of our great wild pollinators.


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