Koby: Finally


24 x 24 Acrylic on Red Oak


  1. Koby is looking very dignified and dapper~~great image!
    Love the expression and the eyes.


  2. That is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. That's beautiful Ande!!
    I'm not an artist, but I love your use of colour on Koby's face.

  4. K9!!!

    Had to say it....

    Beautiful hound, beautiful rendering.

  5. I know you went ‘round and ‘round with this, but the finished piece is a beautiful portrait of Kobe. The way you’ve simplified the background, I find Kobe’s eyes really grab my attention. Haunting, yet warm at the same time. Lovely!

  6. Marvelous, the way you captured those great big liquid eyes. Do you think she's contemplating the consequences of eating another chair?

  7. Koby looks beautiful, you have captured that innocent expression in her eyes and on her face ... great work chickory!

    xoxoxo ♡

  8. You made the right decision by removing the wreath, even though I really loved the way it looked.

    I hope V loves it?

  9. I love the strong feel of this, sans wreath. A gorgeous portrait! xo

  10. I love this dog. Fabulous work. Wreath would have been fine with me, but for your purpose (i.e., hubs gift) ... Koby, plain and simple. As it should be!

  11. I'm in love!
    Not just with the painting, now I want the dog too.

  12. AHL: TY! the eyes are key. if you fail to get that right, the rest of the painting is pointless.

    xl: she really is the sweetest most loving dog.

    shamy: thank you. how is Sarah?

    Dan: well she isnt that red...but it works. one of the last things i did was hit highlight points with straight cadmium. thanks a million.

  13. enemy! hey. thank you. she is a great muse. next portrait is Trout -but I have two shows in april and have other things to paint first.

    eggy: thanks. i spent days on that wreath of living things that floated around her. in the end, it did nothing for the dog. it felt good to paint it out -and to know that i can do that anytime i want to on another piece where it will make sense.

    moi: oh i hope not. but as far as liquid eyes go, Trout is way better at using them to manipulate my guilt triggers. I cant wait to paint her.

    dianne: she is an innocent dog -if youre not discussing property destruction. grherhahhahaha!

    boxer: yeah - thats a lot of "empty" space for my taste, but for V all that stuff was too feminine i think. although he says he liked it fine. I think he was worried it would turn into one of those gifts he never gets cause i cant quite seem to get it right. i have a drawing i did for him 2 years ago he STILL hasnt received for that reason. its not right! prolly never will be.

    yoborobo: agreed. the dog was enough. thanks so much.

    pam: im going to try and do a few more pets and see if i cant get them as well. -if so, i might try and get some paying pet portrait gigs.

    fishy: never! never! Im crazy in love with Koby. (my dog now. - not V's) grrrrrherhahahaha

  14. Good news/Bad news
    Well, everyone has already told you how good it is.
    And it is...

    But few realized that you now have the ability to "decorate" yon Kobe anyway you want for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween...whatever!
    And no complaints from Kobe...
    because you decorate the painting!
    That's the good news.

    The bad news is, I had heard they canceled Easter this year.


    They found the body.
    Next sepulcher over.

  15. Uh-oh
    Does V understand he gets the painting you get the dog???????

  16. Oh mah gracious!

    Well, ya knowed whar' I stood on the wreath. This is so pure an' --great beauty doan need much embellishment, do it? This is the essence of KOBY.

    Of course, I doan see the ochre as "empty space" cause it is the clean frame the subject requires.

    This is amoung yore best ever works, to mah mind. Congratulations.

  17. Such a beautiful painting!

  18. Wonderful! A+
    The blue works so well.
    I can really see his personality in this.
    V will treasure this work always.


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