1. Beautiful, it looks as if it is a cool and misty morning, soft colours of trees and wildflowers and grasses.

    xoxoxox ♡

  2. What I love about Winter hikes is the absence of leaves/foliage. It opens up the woods. My walk in our local park last weekend revealed a cemetary. Both C and I said; "where did that come from?" several times while walking the same hike we've done a dozen times.

    Was "Today" a good day? I hope so.

  3. That beautiful blues thing is still smokin'.
    Your blog is looking more exciting every time I visit! It is lovely and what you do with it is very special. Thanks for taking us along in your world.
    You'd better make a few more plywood folk art hens if you intend to keep one for yourself.
    I will be thinking about you tomorrow morning walking Bernie, as you walk with Trout and Koby through the winter meadows.

  4. Oh, it's lovely, just lovely.

    Thank you my darling, for sharing.

  5. Very nicely done. Did you shoot this "straight" from your new camera? Fiddle with it afterward? Whatever you did, I like it, the way my eye moves from the scattered bits of green in the foreground to the greyed out background.

  6. just shows that there is beauty in all seasons!

  7. It was a beautiful hike to the mountain yesterday. I watched heavy clouds roll in and the wind was so strong i thought i would blow off! I worked on this shot a few was hard to capture it. I wanted to get the contrast of textures and color in this sort of desaturated landscape. I tried XL's advice about the wide depth of field on the manual setting and it worked out pretty good. (thanks xl!)

    I should try throwing a warm photo filter on it to see how that looks.

    We have a big snow forecast for monday so i am trying to pack in a ton of outdoor fun this weekend!
    Happy saturday everyone!

  8. So did you decide to keep the camera?

    I like the wide angle of this photograph but what I enjoy the most is the little bits of green showing closest to the Earth. I always need a hint of the renewal to come to get through the winters.

    Definitely go play outside while it is possible ! I am sure we will all look forward to the photos to come.

  9. We had a big snowfall yesterday and it's still snowing.

    I've been out for a walk as I love looking at it.

  10. Today.

    In America.

    Your place.
    Not all just pretty woods.


  11. and your point is what? nothing should ever be enjoyed or appreciated because the USA is a savage nation?

  12. Wow. Is Ardlair's world only full of unicorns and rainbows?

    He should open up a history book.

  13. Thank you, as always, dear Chickie, for a gorgeous photo that transports me elsewhere and makes me smile.

    P.S. No, I haven't been getting crafty myself, but I have a new post up that explains things better (and with a better photo). Enjoy your weather; I'm dreading having to go out in our below-zero windchill tomorrow.

    xoxo, eggy

  14. and down here on the coast, it's just cold and grey! gorgeous pic, sugar! xoxxo

  15. hickory chickory doodle
    dream creative wild
    with a thinking cap of flower petals
    rainbows for a smile
    meadow blows of sanctifying
    momentary glows
    flowing creativity
    head spin round to toes
    from low to high and everywhere
    mother nature sew the seams
    streams of higher waking
    coloring the dreams
    on whispy tips of mountain tops
    meadow flower roads
    expressions of the everywhere
    the wingtip of a rose


  16. I suppose that's winter, huh?

    Actually, I remember the footage of Trout playing in the snow. So I know you guys get some every now and then. But I'm thinking it's more typical. Although the colors are far more subtle than they usually are in the spring and in the summer, these are kinda nice too.

  17. neil: thats my favorite so far. what a treasure you are. thank you so much.

    xdell: this is typical winter but this morning i awakened to 8" of snow...and now, the deep freeze to set it good and hard for a few days. I will get cabin fever.


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