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  1. seriously super
    hen pics online here

    they look a lot different...

    on the hoof


    ALL BEST <3

    × × ×


  2. I'd like to place a $50 bet on the Barred Rock, please.

  3. Heh...playin' wif that new camera, ain't'cha?

  4. I'm kind of new here and your love of chickens is very enjoyable. I remember gathering eggs at Mert Thompson's when I was eight. It was my first experience in the country. Who knew I'd grow up on the ranch next to hers.

  5. HEN FIGHT!!!!

    They are so nuts for pasta.

  6. Great action shots! xoxoxo ♡

  7. oh.. look at all the pretty main ingredients for chicken stew!

  8. Happy New Year!
    Turn it up to 11!

  9. /t: there you are! i was worried you were snowcovered or moose rutted or something. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! wishing you the best in 2011

    xl: LOL! good thinking. shes the heavyweight.

    aunty: working on it. i was hoping for better with these -frozen and clear. but this blurred thing was neat too. the setting was "kids and pets" which is 'spossed to capture action but not really. Maybe i was cause i was holding the bait bread too. Jury is still out on this camera.

    faery: Im glad. everybody needs a daily chicken exposure.

    MRM: Welcome and i am glad you are here. this the the flip side to K9's pen. I can say this about the 2000's. its the decade i became a chicken lady. Got my first in 2000 - the original "chickory". What do you have on your ranch?

    shamu: french bread in these shots (but YES the are mad, mad i tell you, over pasta)

    dianne: its already NYE for you by now. *HONK* happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!

    foamer: no. very wrong foam. unless you are making egg drop soup!!! we are making black eyed peas. after that i dont know what. nice shoes!

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR CAT!!!!! haha turn it up to 11. very clever.

  11. Oh I love the chickens!!! I just ♥LUV♥ them!
    Great shots...reminds me of feeding time on Grandma's farm, all the clucking and mayhem. :)
    Happy New Year to you and the chicks!


  12. and this why I have wayyyyy too many Coco pictures also. ENDLESS fun.

    Who's that jumping at the camera? I see my Easter is behaving.

    I got my garland flowers made last night and everything cut out. Tonight I'll string it together and pull out the glue gun. I had to deconstruct a garland I had... is that cheating??? It was super fun and I'm glad you threw down the challenge.

    Should we be worried about Moi's ability to kill that Troll Game? Bwahahahahahahaha

  13. What XL said. Bwahahahaha.

    Happy New Year!

  14. oops, i meant egg drop soup, of course .. ahem ..

  15. You make me want to raise chickens. Do these gals lay eggs for you? Our free-range source is having problems with owls sweeping in and taking off with his chickens. Maybe he needs a large pen where they can free range, but some chicken wire protects their little heads from night-flyers. I know you have lost a few to similar. How did you solve? :(

  16. I'm so glad Big Shamu said HEN fight before I opened my big mouth with something else.

  17. anne huskey!!! Happy new year to you super star! I have learned a lot on your blog. i wish you a very happy 2011~

    boxer: that is Easter in the first picture. she goes willd for french bread. wild wild wild!!!! cant wait to see your garland

    native minnow! hello and welcome. yes that XL is a RIOT. i wish you a very happy 2011 and see you at Boxers tonight wooooooo hooooooooooooo

  18. foam: You BETTA

    Pam: i am still getting eggs through this frigid weather. can you believe that??? i get at least 2 a day but if its not too cloudy i can get four. Easter is old (2.5 years) so she doesnt lay as much. Get some chickens. its a very rewarding creature to share life with. with cats....i dont know but the dogs wont bother them cause we said NO!

    MJ!!! hey hey so happy to see your wild stripey legs here. in fact -those would look good with a chicken costume lol

  19. henmotional shot numero uno is XLN.

    Have you read the story of Nancy Luce or read her chicken poetry?

  20. silas: yeah! it looks like a kind of chicken firework, doesnt it? I liked these...the camera was set on "children and pets" which they say captures action. i didnt expect this but a more frozen with out the blur kind of shot.

    nancy luce? no but i will now. Im glad you come here - you always have great tips. thank you


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