sun dropping nectar


My job lately has been to photograph jewelry. I bid on a job to photograph and videotape an artist and her work a few weeks ago, got it, and its expanded into shooting all of the artists' work that are represented by this licensing company. (my movie "snow falling on chickory" has helped me so, no, blogging isnt a waste of time ) It's interesting work. Even better is that Chickory makes a great background setting for these sparkly things. And I get to stay home with the animals. This is my favorite from today's shoot. It's like a drop of nectar from the sun.

It has a life of its own as a photograph and its meaning is expanded beyond a literal cataloging of features. I think the limitations of my point and shoot cannon power shot 1000 have their virtues. 
I almost didn't get the job because at one point they wanted me to have pro lighting and mic's and I just didn't want to do it. So I said so and lucked out after all. 

Sumptuous late afternoon light, some sticks and a piece of turquoise paper gets me this shot from inside the studio on the west facing table. BoxerShamy and Susan do a lot of great photography, and they have been an inspiration. I've loved your great photo blogs, ladies, and I thank you. Actually, I've been inspired by everyone's photography and blogging in general so thank you all. But wait, uh oh, what's this?

No way, Easter!


  1. No, Easter! Not the family jewels!

  2. I don't want to be around when she tries passing that.

    You did a great job and good for you for standing your ground. I hope you get a lot more work because of this. By the way you inspire me a lot more than you know.

  3. Haha! Easter is such a cutie!

  4. Beautiful photos dear chickory, I do love the first photo, the background makes it as the sunlit leaves look like jewels as well, the textures in the yellowish beads in the second photo is amazing.
    And best of all Easter looks so sweet and cute amongst the colours of the beads looking for food morsels. :-)
    Pleased to hear you have some creative paid work that lets you stay at home with your animals.

    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Good morning Chickory,

    Your artist's eye is what makes the shot not the camera. A person can have the best photo equipment in the world, without an eye for the shot. Their work will never turn out as good.

  6. Ahh, the chickie has good taste. I always knew that.

    Congrats on the gig! Unlike most of your bloggy pals with cameras, YOU'RE getting paid and that's wonderful.

  7. xl: im sure thats next! grherhaha

    shamy: I didnt let her do that for long. i have to say, if i even got ONE shot as successful as any of yours in your food portfolio, id be thrilled. this was a lucky break for me.

    dani: she is! and i thought i lost her saturday night when she decided to roost high in the barn instead of the coop. damn bird wouldnt answer to my call!

    dianne: well that first photo is for me...i did others that show the product much better...same idea less wash out from light. thanks so much xo

    Karl: many thanks, friend. I hope so. I got to look at the ones the company chose from the original project. i was pleased at how often they chose the arty ones. Its fun to pair the jewelry up with natural things: distressed wood, lichen covered sticks, fresh green pine boughs, dirt

    boxer: well, i hustled it. as you know, free lancing requires pulling work out of vapor. i got this job by blogging and making imovies for the gourmet shop.
    so in essence, all this work has been a result of blogging. yip yip yip!

  8. Easily distracted by shiny objects. I knew there was a reason I love Easter so.

  9. KArl is right--it's the artist, not the photographer than makes these such lovely shots.

    Lucky client.

  10. i just love easter amongst the jewelry! what a great shot! and i love that blogging has paid off for you in a paying gig..
    yip! yip!! indeed!!!

  11. Congrats on this new gig !!!!!
    Whomever gave the nod to you for this assignment is very, very smart.
    It is a rare TALENT to give life to inanimate objects.

  12. you
    the chicken
    will have some explaining to do

    the new job sounds great -- kudos to you & have fun, good luck with it!

    × × ×


  13. Awesome shots, as always.

  14. I'm glad I read this post as from just looking at the photos, I was fearful that you started making jewelry yourself. I say fearful because I am a jeweler and I use beads and it is quite an addictive and expensive hobby!

    Congrats on the photo job, jewelry is very challenging to shoot, I find.

    Love that chickypoo Easter thought they were seeds!

  15. The jewelry photo are breathtaking. Studio lights? ACK!


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