Blue Forest


now three looks like six
azure below last light ridge
hiking winter hours


  1. Lovely and I can see this making into some of your artwork one day...

  2. Such a beautiful blue haze in your forest dear chickory, it looks so peaceful and inviting.

    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Pam: funny you should say that - my friend, also a painter - and I agreed that if you painted this as we saw it, it would look phony! it was amazing how very blue it was.

    dianne: it was peaceful. i think the light streaming through forest is one of my favorite things in all the world.

  4. Fall back to beauty.
    Abandon the city of
    buck-headed hipsters.

  5. Good morning Chickory,

    It's neat how the light increases the perspective of the steepness in the ridge.

  6. Marvelous, how each season has its own quality of light, isn't it?

  7. It almost looks like a Japanese forest. And you got that right about 3 looking like 6. Where did the late afternoons go?

  8. Love this tribute to Troll's return. Think I agree with Troll, I'll take blue mountain beauty over Buckhead anyday. Well.... maybe not on shopping days :-)

  9. beautiful blue, c

    i know that there likely
    is an explanation in physics
    for this blue light phenomenon,
    but i still see it as magic
    each time i see it

    good catch

    × × ×


  10. I'm wondering what the scientific explanation is for the Smokies phenomena. It is a rare and special place you are in, I have never seen it anywhere else in all the mountain ranges I've traveled.

  11. Appalachian rhyme
    cerulean forest walk
    canine haiku art

  12. some 'art' is just meant to be walked in. :-)

    stunning. Almost doesn't look real.

  13. buck-headed is kind
    more like range rovered haggery
    on material missions

  14. troll: above was for you

    karl: yes! and it is the same at my house - its dark a half hour earlier than up on the road.

    moi: i think fall is the best...the richness of colors and fading light actually trumps the pastels of spring. although, when the cherry blossoms are falling it is so good to be alive

    heifer: even better than the blue bayou

    buzz; really. i am ready for bed at 8:30! lol

    fishy: the freakin noise alone is enough to have a hate on for the city. when i am declared Empress all leaf blowers shall die.

    /t: interesting. because this doesnt happen in spring. Its not juiced in PS either. thats the real blue.

    nina: a good research assignment! the blue ridges are so blue...when i shoot from the mountain top the camera really cant see that far.'


    carpets of golden
    needles pad the forest floor
    white pines still whisper

    boxer: nice! natures architectural glow reeeeeeee

  15. Breath of fresh air....needed this today. Sick for too long! This is like a vitamin infusion!

  16. This is so peaceful. It's like a little blue shrine. :) It would be lovely to sit there and just think.

  17. Thanks. And " range rovered haggery" is phrasing that Master Basho himself would praise.

  18. gorgeous! isoprene on it's way to the atmosphere!
    they are not called the blue ridge mountains for nothing.

  19. xl: weird and wonderful. catchy tune. however did you find this?

    pepper: you are sick? i hate that. you need smart silver.

    troll: high compliment!

    foamer: so thats what it is! amazing color.


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