Happy Birthday Dani



Oh no! My love for Mad Men has infected my illustration work! This mid-century christmas scene is a recent assignment illustration. Im sure they werent expecting this, but they accepted it. For Dani, in memory of her Ollie.


  1. Your artwork is still fantastic.

  2. the colors are magnificent!

  3. Love it! And I bet Dani will too!

  4. Peace Out dear Ollie. Losing a beloved friend is never easy.

    I just love/love this illustration. Cool vibe. Hipster.

  5. Love it,very mid-century with the sandstone wall and kidney-shaped coffee table...is that a Flokati rug? :-)
    xoxox ♡

  6. I adore this. ADORE this. Although is a poodle more 50's than 60's? Doesn't matter. You nailed the flavor. I never started watching Mad Men for some reason. It must conflict with something else. Rest in peace, Dani's doggy, rest in peace.

  7. Happy Birthday Dani!!

    Are you hopin' to git a poodle?

  8. Thank you sweet Chickory. It's beautiful. :)

    Ollie was my best friend. We loved him so much. Not a second goes by that my heart doesn't ache for my beautiful boy....

  9. I dig this! In the end, Mad Men infects us all :o)

    And Happy Belated Birthday, Dani. What love Ollie must have felt.

  10. PhoKid: hey hey! great to see you -and thanks a million!

    foamy: well they arent my palette - i took them straight from a swatch of fabric from the mid cent modern page.

    thanks eggy!

    boxer: you mean hagster. losing a pet is hard. but i am glad for all the eva art i made. and now, i have movies of trout and koby. i bet dani has a lot too.

    dianne: ha! you know more about this stuff than i do. as far as i know its just a white shag rug! i remember houses like this. my childhood home had plenty of turquoise. conversely, my home has none. except for the few things from my moms home i inherited.

    pam: get MM the first season on DVD and check it out. for the style alone its a gem. but my lungs are killing me after each viewing. they all smoke (and drink) all day long. Imagine getting plastered at work in this day and time. youd be in jail or fired or both. glad you like the art. i dont know when a french groomed white poodle would be...i just needed a dog to balance out the shag.

    aunty: are you talking about me? its not a bad idea -white poodle in the dark woods. try finding koby in the forest when she doesnt want to come. totally camouflaged - trout too but shes savvy and i dont worry about her

    dani: i know. i know. and it was way to short. you loved him well and it showed. im glad i got to meet him through your posts. did you have a good birthday?

    moi: youre right! it does. i love (most of) the clothes although the impracticality of them for our modern lifestyle is obvious. Id have to study what beatnik Midge wore -shes my closest match on the show.

  11. tertiary colors,
    eg, turquoise, tangerine,
    and the various easter pastels,
    were all the big thing in the mid-20C

    really, i'd love to have a living room scene like the one you've created here -- v.cool!

    × × ×


    ps -- i have wall-to-wall orange shag in my LR/DR & hallway :)

  12. Yes, I think the groomed standard poodle is 1950's, ala your Rotty in swinging poodle skirt. But doesn't matter, I love it. Are you selling this in a Christmas card? You and everyone else is telling me I need to get those dvd's. And I still have some stock from my old boss tucked away in a file cabinet in case of emergency. That no one knew about until now. Uhoh.

  13. Love this!

    The poodle's expression IS a present.

  14. Do you have a Poodle Skirt? :)

  15. /t: you stumble in snow blinded with frozen lungs and fall to your knees on rich rusty shag. i can see it!

    btw, all over ATL they have banners with YOUR avatar plastered all over it. who is this Dali' they keep talking about? LOL

    Pam: maybe. probably not. Making Xmas cards on my computer is formatting hell. Not worth the trouble. but...maybe. I have another xmas card im going to use. maybe as a email blast greeting.

    LOL! the old file cabinet trick. classic!

    fishy: thank you *pant pant grin*

    xl: that would be a big hell to the NO! the rottie has one though, courtesy of /t.

  16. I LOVE IT!!!! Fabulous and what a sweet gesture! I used to work for a design magazine called Home Miami with a focus on mid century design. Also we have so many mid century buildings here in Miami. (yes, as well as art deco!) The area is called the Mimo district.

    Great job Chicory!

  17. We here in Australia have always been more than a decade behind you in design.
    Some of our more affluent friends who travelled to America brought back some wonderful design ideas and fabrics.
    I had never seen coloured or floral sheets until then and such beautiful stationery.
    The kidney shaped coffee table, the sandstone fireplace or feature wall, shag pile carpet, the sofa, 'duck-egg' blue walls, art glass and the colours orange and turquoise all featured in their houses. I was always interested in colours, fabrics and designs, this painting is like a snapshot from my younger years.
    My own colour scheme is neutral, white,shades of cream with added splashes of colour in the furniture and art, some yellow of course. :-)
    xoxoxo ♡

  18. I just found your fabulous blog through Dani and love it! May I add you to my blog favorites? Your illustration is so so mid-century modern. I think you've actually painted my living room growing up and my dog Pierre.

  19. this is so fantastic. i'm a little obsessed with mad men!


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