Halloween Tricks




God bless the innocent victims of glue gun abuse.

the fourth of halloween

For there are none so sad in the land than those who cleave to a crafty woman.

the saddest dog in the world

Shell-shocked and parade ready *have you ever seen a more woebegone face?*


contemplating their sad lot


oh fer cri-yi. enough!

** No animals were harmed (physically) in the making of this post. Animals in photos have given consent in exchange for lamb and rice, long days of sunny fields, creeks and mountain climbs; mole diggings and belly rubs. Pet Parade tomorrow to benefit the Blue Ridge Humane Society. 10-2; City Park.


  1. OMG!!!
    These are priceless---and I think the look in the eyes says it all...."Do I really HAVE to wear this?" *doggie sigh*
    So good! So good!


  2. okay! now it's your turn to model all of these for us!

  3. Lol chickory, I love these, the girls do look very cute, they are so patient but their expression says it all, they look so forlorn and I think they are asking 'Why'? and I think I heard a 'doggie yawn'.

    Just remind them it is all for a good cause and they will get plenty of treats. :) xoxoxo ♡

  4. This so nearly beats the cruel and soul killing Christmas Photo of 2007 that had Trout draped in Chritmas tree lights.

    Way to go!


    how do your dogs manage to still look dignified despite your best efforts???

  5. word verification????????????????????????

  6. AHL: you just know i had a ball designing these -as cheesy as the are. the two outfits for under 10 dollars woo hoooooo

    foam: grherhaha not a chance foamer, not a chance.

    dianne: patient dogs. good dogs. they have a fabulous life. these bitches owe me. you'll like this: after their fittings - they got baths. mean mean mean! LOL

    i'll take pics tomorrow of the all the dogs

    boxer: word veri? are you kidding me? i dont see it. you did? it would be hard to top the christmas light photo but im sure i will think of some other humiliating shot to add to the collection. Trout is a good sport - Koby isnt into it at all.

  7. Direct quote from my cats:

    "The Horror ... The Horror ... The Horror"

  8. As always, nice photos, and a GREAT EFFORT in your post.

    And HONESTLY, would you REALLY give half a rat's krap if I closed down HBAG ?

    I mean...Really ????

  9. xl: i can tell from looking at your cats that any attempt to put a hat on them would end up with my arms looking like a scratching post. no with cats you phototshop on a costume.

    heff: i would care. i went on a two month hiatus, so i know what blog burn out means. i wasnt a daily visitor to HBAG but i do like it and i recognize the amount of serious labor that goes into your posts. its a well-developed page that is DUMB AS HELL. grrrrrrrherhherhha. and, i always enjoy seeing your yard too.

  10. and a ton of laughter!
    (they actually look like they LIKE it)


  11. LOL! Too funny! You know, I think they are posing, just a little. Maybe the martyred look is a sham, and they are having a ball. Hee hee!

  12. The innocent victims of glue gun abuse! Soooo funny though. And good sports! You should take them trick-or-treating and go door to door. Seriously. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

  13. I'll take these over Wegman's pooches every day of the week. However I must point out that Koby, being new to this process, will seek out revenge in a manner that will guarantee that a certain new chair will be utterly destroyed. Trouty just looks resigned to her fate and hopes that Karma will smite you with a big crafty stick.

  14. OMG!! These are so funny, largely because the pups look so, so unimpressed! Great pics, and I'm sure that they'll forgive you in time...
    I loved this post!

  15. Ok...the 3rd one where the dog looks like she is about to cry from the public humiliation...ha ha ha snort ha ha ha ah.....

  16. Can't wait for pics of la Parade.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and ys know I actually really like the photo you picked (of moi with the Ingres drawing- a copy of course). No one else picked it. Now I think that's the one I'll use ! Merci !!

    The cowboy's grandmother made that quilt and that's what we snuggle under each night while we watch the evenings presentation at Every Night is Movie Night here at Black Street ;-)

    Last night's feature - My Dog Tulip
    tonight - The Usual Suspects

    loads of love, S, Missy Dee & Cats

  17. Yep, we're gonna have to donate more money for the chair fund. ;)

  18. Boney: i was so proud of Trout yesterday. Lots of dogs and people and confusion. there were llamas and goats in the parade too but she was so good - sometimes she can get aggressive on other dogs and freaks out on little boys but she walked so pretty and dealt with being photographed like a champ. Koby is bombprooof. nothing fazes her. Did they like it? Koby hated the hat and kept trying to rub it off on my leg. But Trout seems to blossom with her outfit. she was a bit puffy. :-)!

    yoborobo: i think you are right on Trout but i dont know about Koby. she was not into that hat. at all.

    pam: door to door is big spaces between. maybe i can dress them up in ATL sunday night. nope -Koby said "NO!"

    shamu: grrrrrrrrrehrhahahahahaha~! when i leave, i disguise the chair by throwing a quilt over it. its working so far. she did eat a little more of the old chair though.

    dan: well - they endured. and they were richly rewarded after taking a prize~ whirl-a-squirrels for everyone. yay!

    pepper: agreed. just pitiful. dont show the ASPCA

    susan: quilts just look like the goodness of home. im glad you have it - its a good design! well #3 was the most interesting to me - the continuity of artists over the generations - the affinity for draftsmanship - the steady and unflinching gaze. I loved it. xo to you too

    dani: oh i already bought a chair. i pulled up with it in my truck while the summiteers wondered where in the heck was I? man, you should see Vera. Big bad molt. looks like shes ready to jump onto a roasting rack. gah!

  19. Congrats on the win and the well behaved pooches!

    I have to stop looking at these photos, though, because my abs are sore from laughing my ass off.

    I love the second shot of Koby best. Her little undershot jaw makes her look like she's pouting. Which I'm sure she is.

    PETA is gonna git choo, grrrrrrrrl!

  20. utter insensitivity to a critters unable to defend theyselves from the oppressor class. Shame on ya Chick9.

    (on t'other hand, I is gonna post a pic of another abused canine from these parts who wandered into the scarecrow shindig an' paid the price--=-howl!)

    (I ain't seein' no word veri)

  21. I wonder if dogs have nightmares? I hope they got special Halloween treats for the win. Next year - bat wings. That'll be another winner for sure. Bwahahaha

    Also no word verification here.

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  23. they're v.festive,
    but so much for dignity

    crafty woman :)

    × × ×


  24. You know, the next time you fire up the glue gun those dogs are going to run, right?

    Trout, ( your autistic foundling) appears completely disconnected from your Halloween foolery.

    Koby (your pedigreed royal) looks mortified to the core. Could you not have give her a robe and crown?

    I am not surprised y'all snagged a prize for entertainment alone. No doubt you raised funds for animals not as blessed as yours. Bravo for your contributions to a fine cause.

  25. WHOOOHOOOOO and congratulations on both winning a prize and having well behaved dogs.

  26. Congrats to the hounds for being winners, and for suffering glue gun abuse with such equanimity :)

  27. Congratulations, I'm so pleased that the girls won a prize and how could they not they both look adorable and to you for helping a very good cause. xoxo ♡

  28. Ohh, I know it's a little late to post a comment, but I just peeked in at your blog only today, and....AH HAHHAHAHHAAHHHHAAAAA! and since I DID get to see Trout in person on the day of the parade I have to say that she looked GREAT and thank you for stopping by to show us! You are so imaginative and....funny!


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