Staying Cool: Chickory Style



  1. Splendid video posting! That looks like a fun outing with the doggies!

  2. ahhhhhhhh. Soothing and it's great to see both dogs enjoying that wonderful creek. Love the music.

  3. Mmmm looks gorgeous! Wish I was a dog!

  4. Okay, it worked. I am ready to flop my tired old self down into that cool water only to emerge young again. Well, a least refreshed.

    Do you get in the creek to cool off?

  5. perfect music--lovely spot in the world.

  6. Oh what a spiritual place, I loved this dearest chickory, the soothing sound of the water as swirled and flowed over the rocks and waterfall, the birds and song of the forest, your two girls exploring and the music you have chosen is perfect to reflect the beauty of this place.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Thank you so much, Chicky, for this lovely respite. Between my new day job and working on my "results" post for the Smackdown (finally up), I'm tuckered out. Lots of great entries to choose the winner from. But one the contestants died suddenly. Figuring out how to combine condolences on the one hand and celebrations on another might be one of the biggest writing challenges I've ever wrangled with. Bourdain can wait:)


  8. Sigh. What a lovely stream you have. The doggies look like they are having about the best time two dogs could ever have. :) xox! Pam

  9. xl: standing on the rocks i could feel the moss as the water flowed around me as i filmed. it was magical. usually, i wear old tennis shoes..this time i was barefoot - in a solid connection with the creek.

    boxer: thats thomas newman -he scored american beauty, the horse whisperer, road to perdition -many others. sometimes i play his scores in my mind as my lifes background music. youll be in this creek in 2 months! woooo hooooo

    dan: you dont have to be a K9 to have a good time in the creek! even a rabbit can enjoy.

    fishy: i do. i lay in the water and let it rush all around me. its very loud with the thundering rapids
    the water is very cold as it should be. a real gift to have it in my own yard (almost)

    aunty: yes it is. yes it is.

    dianne: the cathedral of the forest. i wish i could show it to you in real life. xo

    eggy: no! i have to come over and see the results. i found out too late to enter my zucchini pasta. a new day job? im coming over to learn more.

    yoborobo: they are - its nice to know when they get hot they always ave a place to go to drink and cool off. they are in that creek all the time...which is terrific!

  10. beautiful! nothing beats these cold mountain creeks that rush through our mountains.

  11. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, I'm thinking! The dogs were loving it. Soothes a weary K9. What do you use to shoot the video? I'd be afraid of dropping in the water!

  12. sweet

    could only be better with banjos


  13. Good afternoon Chickory,

    Nice video so very relaxing. Is your stream spring fed? Does it flow that well year round? And now for the important question: are there any good fishing holes?

  14. Perfect background music.

    I'm afraid staying cool X. Dell style would entail an air-condition creek.

  15. Very soothing, but I'm a bit puzzled at the dogs being so sedate. I expected much more clomping and stomping. Did you wear them out beforehand or did they just know they had best behave or else?

  16. foamy: aint that the truth! super cold even in august. i love the mountains!!

    pam: i use a 100 dollar canon. i love that little camera. but the videos would be better with the mac daddy video camera i have. i shot snow falling on chickory with that...looks a lot better

    nephew!!! Grrrrherhahahaha! banjos and shotguns...and Burt with a compind bow ;-)

  17. xdell: what a treat! how've you been besides busy? you know what? i dont have AC. its gotten rough these last weeks, but im sort of aclimated to it now. when i go in a store or restaurant - its freezing.

    susan: perfect word for it. thank you.

    moi: well this was around 4 pm after a full tilt day of running over hill and dale...i call these dogs "field n' stream". they were clashing like stallions up on their back legs in the field right before we went to the creek.

  18. was hot enough, i'd just sit in the creek :)

  19. I wish I could be there right now.

  20. the creek is lovely and how convenient for the animals! I wondered while looking at it how many slaves made their way on that very creek to reach the underground railroad? Another thing - blessed is your creek untouched by progress and development.

  21. I used to sit on a branch above a very similar creek and eat muscadines.

  22. posted a comment at the tube,too.
    Couldn't see it here (I have a whack computer, eh) but loved the scene.

    Also found out (perhaps you can hear AB giggling in the background) I have some Chickory art.
    I should have looked right away, actually. I mean, c'mon. There was a CHICKEN on the front...duh.

    I may be slow, but, it's a keeper and getting framed.
    course, it'll be a hand made frame.

    Your garden did way better'n mine, that's for sure.
    My onions hid in the grasses, got lost.
    Tomatoes, same story.
    I couldn't get in to clear grass at all because it was raining so much.
    I reckon I'm no skinny kid, anymore. Like stepping in quicksand every time. Well, next year.
    corn came up, though.
    I had it far enough away from the rest of the garden stuff I just mowed beside it.

    Haven't mowed much, either...seems like this year for me is last year for you.
    Oh well.

  23. barking dogs ,trees
    over hanging old streams
    weaving through wildness
    sewn through the seams
    teams of little birds
    with twinkled star eyes
    play along happily
    with colored butterflys
    round the old way
    down true natures wood
    where living is amplified
    by life feeling good
    signs of in innocent
    pulsate the ground
    the great loving all of
    lessons are profound.


  24. I hope you are well dear chickory, hopefully painting in your new studio...just wanted to stop by and say 'hello'.
    Take care sweet girl, I have been thinking of you. xoxoxo ♥

    I see dear neil has been by and left you another one of his beautiful poems.

  25. laughing wolf: i lay in it often. takes a minute to get used to it though -its very cold. even in august.

    emilio: me too! why dont you make plans to visit?

    nina: well i know that indians camped this creek -arrowheads are common here. as are the fairy crosses: a kind of staurolite crystal that makes a cruciform. the only other place where they occur is somewhere in switzerland. muscadines?! too sweet for me. so good to see you.

    boney: you have a chicken then. im glad you like it. why dont i send you the other 3 so you have a set? on the garden. man, you got to futz with it every single day. i got back from some travels to find many problems. i was only gone for about a week. gah! glad you liked the movie. i should have you score one someday -youd be good at that.

    neil: this is one of my favorite poems ever! i love it and yes the lessons are profound. i think more than anything ive come to embrace the be here now philosophy.thanks so much.

    dianne: Neils poems are a gift. i hope he visits your poetic site. Ive been gone, but i am back and about to start painting but i have a ton of ad/min to sort through. yuck. xo

  26. yeahhhhhhh, very cool ;)

  27. This is so cute! We have a lab that is a WATER DOG! Even in our wedding all you can hear on the video is him whining because the baptismal pool is next to him hahah dogs and water.

  28. Sweet site, I hadn't come across earlier during my searches!
    Carry on the great work!

  29. Just stopping by to say hello! Haven't seen you in awhile, I hope all is well. xox - Pam

  30. you guys got
    all the heat this summer

    we're wearing sweaters here in the west

    × × ×


  31. I chickie. I hope you are safe from the tropical storms and are doing well. My how Koby has grown since the last time I've checked in! It makes me miss my sweet Lexus in a bad, bad way. :(

  32. Dearest One,

    Noticed your absence and recalled the illness of your mother.
    Just wanted to let you that you continue to be a feature of the candle lighting. May you be held in the warmest embrace whilst fate does what she does.

  33. Wow neat! This is a really great site! I am wondering if anyone else has come across something
    exactly the same in the past? Keep up the great work!

  34. I echo Su.
    You are in my thoughts.
    Missing your beautiful mind and works.

  35. Peggy Jean is starring on Back Porch

  36. Enjoy the Blog Summit ;) Sure miss your posts!

  37. post pics of summit or I'll whisper in nephew's ear.


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