Consider the life of saint jerome
who went off and lived in a cave
sainthood may come when you're all alone
no temptations to misbehave!


  1. I desperately want to misbehave though.

  2. Amen.

    but those chocolate covered donuts can even be found in a cave.

  3. Those aren't donuts. There's a lion there.

  4. that's been my approach these many monastic years.

    love this image. reminded me immediately of stained glass. alicia

    Linda and Sarah are on their way home!

  5. Saint Jerome Quote:

    "Be ever engaged, so that whenever the devil calls he may find you occupied."

    Protestant Version:

    "Idle hands are the devil's workshop".

    Modern Application:

    Those few Generation Yo! members who haven't devolved into Obama Zombies probably were the same few who who's parents made them get jobs.

  6. ...on who you ask. The Southern Baptists would tell you that it's plenty easy to misbehave by yourself;)

  7. I love this too, Saint Jerome has a pleasant expression on his face and the owl and lion are so sweet. xoxo ♡

  8. i think if i were alone, i could misbehaive more so, and wouldn't have to be accountable.

    I'm in the closet about a lot of things, and I wait until I'm all alone to do things. It's like, if noone sees me do it, then it isn't bad for me. hummmm.

  9. xl: oh please. you are a fur-bearing endlessly misbehaving creature! coughing up hair balls, destroying christmas trees, scratching dog muzzles, snubbing your stinky food...cats dont straighten up and fly right until the winter of the 9th life.

    boxer: i had to stop. i ate one 12 pack of the big ones in two days.

    buzz: grherhahahaha but he is gentle with Jerome who removed the thorn from his paw.

    sending pages: i know! cant wait to see them back. monastic life. its harder in the dark wet winter. i had to petition Dymphna today -its that bad. stained glass! id love to see Jerome in this way.

    troll: i had the devil turning tail today! so busy. so much to do. burned as much of the fallen sticks and limbs as i could, built a raised garden bed, planted salad veggies, cleaned house, cleaned coop,
    ran boring errands, made black beans and rice. all the while singing a little song to the saints and big J himself.

    tripp: ha! youre right. and there is a baptist church on every corner. be advised. ;-)

    fishy: yay! thank you.

    dianne: i saw the joachim pinatour painting of Jerome at the Prado. amazing painting (i love the precision and color of netherlandish paintings) it showed his entire life's the far background was his childhood and it progressed until the present in the cave with lion at the central image in the composition. i looked at it for the longest time. it was in the same room as the Boschs, so thats saying something!

    kym: Jesus can see you! now i am curious about your dark secrets: WHAT do you do in the closet?

  10. Don't tell me her secrets plesae, i'm just the mom. Do you happen to have one of these for St. James?

  11. This is a cool picture. Does the writing translate to something?

  12. i can be at my worst when alone..
    did you write the litle poem?

  13. Gosh chickory you have travelled to some wonderful places, the Musee Prado in Madrid, I remember how much you admired 'the garden of earthly delights' by bosch and though I think the triptych is a masterpiece and tells a story I upset you by saying I like paintings which are more simplistic. :)
    I couldn't locate the painting by joachim pinatour only 'the penitence of saint jerome' by joachim patinir, which I like, is this the painting you had seen?
    there are a few of saint jerome removing the thorn from the lions paw by various painters, all of which I liked ... but I especially like your painting is beautiful. xoxo ♡

  14. hmmm

    check the skull...

    ! ! !


  15. If sainthood comes when you're all alone with no temptations, is it really valuable? I'm sorta reminded of the tree falling by itself in an empty forest example; but then again, I usually am.

    Sorry to hear about your chicken. Putting her down had to be relly difficult, for I know what those birds mean to you.

    And who knows? Maybe V will develop a taste for fish tacos.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Pretty cool, Dawg.

    I KNOW ya has a St. James fer PamOKC, ...with a shell!

    But, er, one reason St. Jerome was in a cave by hisself was on account of havin' such a testy personality nobody could stand him--he wuz a know-it-all, an ya know folks doan take kindly to that--even iffin' he wuz RIGHT.

    Love the owl.

    Mortification on the Front Porch--yet another Lenten theme.

  18. I have been a very, very good girl lately. No misbehaving here, despite the temptations the downtown eastside offers. And ... I'm lovin' it!

  19. St Jerome's Ode to Chickory

    As I'm sure you are aware,
    Misbehaviour's not my fare,
    And I have a stern resistance to temptation.
    But one weakness I possess,
    Nothing more and nothing less,
    Is the ever calling joy of procreation.

    So I travel with the need,
    To forever spread my seed,
    And see happiness and joy in due course flowering.
    But the lions in my loins,
    Cause such havoc in my groins,
    That the ultimate effect is disempowering.

    So before I reach the grave,
    I will find myself a cave,
    And sit there 'mongst a stack of books and learning.
    You can paint my picture there,
    I'll pose naked, if you dare,
    And you'll really see what's meant by that word yearning!

    Cool pic, Chic.
    Forgive the tacky verse, but I always did think that the St Jerome yarn needed sexed up a bit.
    ( Hope the fiery cross brigade say prayers for me!)


  20. Engaging fully in the world means meeting temptation and frustration head on. But it's the only way to test one's mettle. And maybe have a little fun along the way . . .

  21. pam: i think she's gonna take them to the grave

    simply: i hope not; i made it up, and who knows? maybe it says something it shoudnt.

    foam: yes, i wrote it...just looking for a quick little ditty to accompany the image...thinking about the patinir painting.

    dianne: thanks for looking that up, i had the artists name wrong. but what a glorious painting. so vibrant. it was glazed which is layers and layers of oil paint in linseed oil sheer washes of color that builds a very deep surface. its beautiful.

    /t: yeah. to remind us of our temporality.

    xdell: thank you. i miss her. the flock looks too small without her. i agree...isolation is sort of cheating a bit. i thinking about how often saints end up alone in forests and caves and deserts....good to see you.

    aunty: saint james matamoros you mean. indeed i do. and theres one with him in a little stone boat as a skeleton. a favorite. a testy fussy know it all saint? no! grherha

    faery: how wonderful to hear! im glad. and look you did it without going up to the mountains or hiding in a glacier or something. ;-)

    ardliar: grrrrrehrhahahaha! wonderful, wonderful. yes i should like to paint saint ardlair with his lion like lions. why i can hear to rustle of rosaries already. welcome back to wherever it is. how goes it with ms. E?

    moi: i agree moi. i have a little trip to town for some reason or another almost every day. and i have to pass a dairy queen! grherha.

    phos: ha! he'd be perfect. thats one sport i will NEVER participate in. never. i hate caves.

  22. Thank goodness it's not a Carvel's. That would be real trouble.

  23. Ardlair with E?

    Didn't you see he was paired with Fishy for an assignation?

  24. Misbehavior?
    Ah... The perplexities of being raised Catholic.
    Will I ever be free?

  25. St. Hieronymus, patron of the translators, a "Hieronymus im Gehäus", not quite Dürer - you are writing?

  26. i did this painting for a company that made it into a bookbag. for Jerome is the patron saint of booksellers.

    do i identify with Jerome; is this in some way autobiographical? not at all. but i am noting the propensity of saints to choose isolation and as a lay scientist i know that the first step of inquiry is observation; noting the coincidences in the path to sainthood.

  27. Ah yes, one of the most important tasks, "Sehen lernen", to learn to see. But to see, reaching insight and understanding by this way, not necessarily includes sainthood. This needs the intrusion of the numen what can be a very frightening experience. "Der Heiligen Leben" is filled with such events.

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