Happy Independence Day!



  1. Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!

  2. Classic! He's howling the former National Anthem!

  3. hee heee! Trout just loves the American tradition of yawning over the first squash harvest of the year!! Go Trout!!!

  4. "These are mah squashes and nobodies gets 'em. Unless they got a tasty beefy treat to trade."
    – Trout

  5. hey, she shouldn't look so bored with those fabulous vegetables at her feet. :-) Happy 4th. xoxox

  6. A new tradition is born! July 4th is for celebrating zuchinni! 4th post at the Pond, come on by.

  7. Happy Indedependence Day!!!
    and a bow wow wow for Trout.

    I did a post for my American friends over at my blog.

    Is Trout singing there or yawning?, she looks gorgeous anyway,such a good girl. ♡

    Your vegetables look great, cant beat home grown, it must have been fun picking your own produce.

    Hope you had a lovely day. ♡ xoxo

  8. shamu: howl! you know one of those zucchini was quite large. thats what happens when you arent there to harvest them. and V said he didnt see any!!! he thought they would be out like melons not up under the leaves. grrrrrrrrherhahahahahahahahha! oh lord, were not country yet. happy 4th!

    troll: no she heard the state of the nation and wailed! let Trout replace bonny fwank and things will improve in no time. happy 4th!!

    boxer: thats anxiety yawning. she hates these set ups. poor little brown muse. happy 4th boxer!!

    fishy: oh my goodness i am so pleased when i found that something i planted grew!! its amazing. one was as big as the fat end of a baseball bat and half as long. and i had peppers and beans. bell peppers are coming soon. happy 4th fishy!!

    dianne: it is SO fun! youre right. i love it. i want to make my garden bigger. and grow some fall things. thanks for remembering us on the fourth. xoxo

    yoborobo: yes. the 4th of july. also known as the big zucchini blow out. hee. hope you had a fine fourth!

    moi: grrrrhehahaha is it dog abuse to give her a redi whip squirt straight out of the can?? well, i mean, it is a holiday! happy 4th moi!!!

  9. There are many reasons why I love visiting you here, well Chickory is a beautiful place, I love the photos that you share, your amazing art and I love reading about what is happening here with you, V, Trout, the hens and your garden...
    I also love it for another reason, as you know I love flowers and before finding you I had never seen or heard of a beautiful white and yellow trilium nor the beautiful 'spider mum flower'and many others, it is always a journey of wondefrul discoveries of beauty, warmth and friendship when I come here...and I thank you for it. ♡ xoxoxo

  10. I was freely independent yesterday and it was alright. Everyone left me the hell alone and I finished the rough of my latest project...yay! liberated from that 'til the proofs come back!!!

  11. Trout is such a beautiful, patient girl, I remember her decorated with the Christmas lights, wearing her she devil Halloween costume and now here with her American flag..."Hurry up Mama and take the photo, its hard work looking this cute all of the time"...she is adorable and I'm pleased to see she is looking much better.
    Love to all at Chickory. xoxox ♡

  12. Oooooh! I've missed a lot here in the last few days! I love/adore that fall arrangement artwork. Love LOVE it. And glad to see Trout is helping you in the garden!

  13. Actually, I have to back up and tell you that this photo just cracks me up. The husband and I have always joked that we were going to name our pub in England the "Trout and Cucumber".... but we envisioned the pub sign looking a bit different;)

  14. Happy Independance Day!

    I see the golden ganesh widget :)
    Good job on the art work. Really loved it. My widget's image too was built from your work.

  15. That dawg is bored wif zucchini. Better grow somethin' wif a bone in it.

  16. I had to BUY my squash this weekend!
    What are you going to do with the excess? If you grow squash, there's always excess.
    I wish I could turn Penny loose with Trout.

  17. Hi chickory - I listed your skelly under 'fabuloso'. No worries if you change your mind - xox Pam


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