the tropic of wren


a painting + photoshop = The Tropic of Wren


  1. beautiful but Hey ! not a surprise

  2. Wow!
    WAY different than your other work I have seen, is it the background? If you stand far away and look at the screen, you get a bit of the MagicEye effect and see all sorts of things. LOVELY to see new art.

  3. I love the salmon pink and green with the red/black accents. REALLY like the name too.

    You know I see birds so differently now. Thanks.

  4. I saw this and instantly a huge smile adorned my face. There is something so happy and refreshing about this. The colors maybe? I just don't know. But whatever it is, I love it.

  5. This is pretty awesome. The symmetry and the non-symmetry, the vertibrae and skull snowflake at the bottom center and the repeats of those Haeckel-like snowflakes yet so distinctly K-9 snowflakes. This is some excellent work.

  6. I love it! But then I love birds and this is particularly happy & refreshing!

  7. I agree with Fishy; this is a departure. I can't put my finger on it. Excellent work.

  8. I love it...but I love all your stuff. :)

  9. Happy to see ya workin' again...a good sign.

  10. gay!

    in the good
    old fashioned way

    very light and lovely piece, c

    ¤ ¤ ¤


  11. susan: so does that mean youre ready to tawk? ;-)

    fishy: yeah it is kinda magic eye like. but its not that new. its way different cause it has all the layers and transparencies. its digital. i made it before the trout eye freak out and doveys disappearance. ive only made the shrines since then. hope to paint this weekend. thank you.

    boxer: youd be surprised at the actual colors of the original painting. oh i love those hue sliders. :-)

    pamokc: adore. its a good compliment. many thanks

    kim-the-grad: good to know i can make somebody smile. fresh is good.

    shamu: yep. i cribbed up some haeckle all right - you know what it looks like to me? like, versace fabric. this would be a mans shirt. grherha or placemats!

    Lizzy Frizzfrock: yeah! i like that you think its happy. i want it to be "bright". thank you

    enemy: its just that you usually dont see my work that is digital...this isnt an actual painting it only can be a digital print. and i usually dont work that way. i was just fooling around.

    i got in two of my growing zones today. woo hoo. tomorrow if it doesnt rain i hope to do at least 10.
    good to see ya!

    yoborobo: aw girl, youre the best. thanks so much.

    aunty: not really. i did this before all my animal trouble. i'll get back on the horse. today worked on the garden. mostly making the soil real pretty with compost and taking all the rootlets out and smoothing it again and again. youd be impressed.

    /t: hey hey hey! how was your trip? and, thanks!

  12. I would love to have this on fabric! I'd make an awesome quilt with it.

  13. Must. Have. For. Sale?

  14. Its beautiful,I love the colours they are so fresh with the black accents. ♡

  15. the coloring and patterns are absolutely beautiful! It makes me want to have a little garden party using these colors as a theme. puts me in the mood for spring! Your work always makes me happy! <3

  16. it would be fabulous fabric!!!!!

    jammies. tablecloth......

  17. I am still learning about birds. So many different kinds with such different spirits.
    At first, without noting the title, I thought way colorful redwings.
    They seem to be forever perched like that on the very tops of weeds and cornstalks, sometimes with their prize, other times just admiring the land.

    Tricky you to introduce so strong a symetry and then, pull the rug out from under us with those "lacies" and that top design.

    I miss your blues.

  18. really lovely ..!!!
    love the asymmetry within the symmetry, the colors, the layers ..

  19. dani: its kind of Florida-ish isnt it? i can see this as a couch in a florida room. and a quilt!

    moi: thanks! it is for sale! on Etsy. i sold one yesterday to a sweetheart up the road from me - ive never met her but she has chickens for pets too.

    dianne: yes black is essential for a palette like this -it would be too "thin" without them. im glad you like it!

    into the trees: a garden party! perfect idea. maybe i will have one here in blogland. i always wanted to do one where everybody had a different place setting.

    boxer: boxing gloves, everlast shorts gym towels,...;-)

    Boney: thanks for such a meaty comment. there is this indigo bunting that perches on the wire over my field. what a complex song he has. and so blue. like, ultramarine and turquoise blended. amazing bird. im busting a on my garden trying to beat the rain this weekend. THEN i can post, visit blogs and do some art. and i know what you mean about the blues....grherhahaha

    foamy: countdown to freedom! what are you going to do this summer besides come visit me? glad you like the layers...i really enjoy taking a painting and seeing what i can do to it in PS.

  20. I would love to see these on fabric. This piece and the others you showed would make such nice table linen.

    Can't wait to see what you do when the sunflowers are in bloom!

  21. OH SNAP. Indigo Bunting. Bringing the big lense in July. Might have to rent a bigger one. Snap Crackle AND Pop.

  22. post pic of ETSY chicken juice glasses

  23. Beautiful as always.

    If I've not mentioned it, I don't think I've ever been a fan of work in anything near your style, but just about every piece I've seen of yours just blows me away.


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