Lenten roses rescued before it snows this afternoon

Garden scan for ABG at sending pages out to dry a lovely place to visit.


  1. Greetings K9, Ahhh yes the story of 29 Black Street (or the reason I'm thinking of selling her). I promise I will tell in more detail one day soon - it feels like a rather long story but for now -
    the abbreviated version.

    Too expensive, too big, too sprawling, too much work, maintenance & upkeep, too few funds, too big a yard
    (I can't believe I'm saying that), only 1 dog now instead of 3, needing a fresh start, a brand new life, more stimulation, more amenities, a big change, to be closer to my best (human) friend in the world, to be able to spend more time building my Creative Empire (CE for short), to live a hopefully much easier and simpler life ...

    It all sounds so brave on paper but honestly I still can't picture living anywhere else ... but I'm trying. I really am.

    Much love, S, Missy D avec les Chats

    tres beautiful Lenten roses !

  2. Pretty cool! Love all the different textures of the leaves and flowers.

  3. Great that you saved the Lenten Roses!!

  4. Chickory,
    funny how we talk about weather on the blogs. I posted one yesterday about rain bringing a respite from the drought conditions in the Pond region.

    Our rain is predicted to turn to snow this evening which I am dreading. We had a warmish spell so the fosythias, quince, daffodils, all started to show their colors as did the early blooming azaleas, dogwoods, cherry trees and a few of the early bulbs.
    Now with the expected below freezing temps and snow...all will be lost and Spring, when it comes, will be...subdued.

    Must be a regional thing ... I went out yesterday and picked what I found blooming before it could be beat by pounding rains or frozen. Blowfish says I have these frenzies where I turn the Pond into a facsimilie of a funeral parlor.

    Loved your blooms collage and your Lenten roses are an endearing reminder of the Grace of reconciliation.

  5. susan: well i see your point. what what a lovely place it is. i love that: CE! i need to build mine. i am quite concerned about what i will do to survive at chickory. its going to be quite a financial challenge but i dont want to not try! i dont want to turn into and old hag and then its too late. where ever you go i am going to follow since your place is a visual treat. xo to you and the menagerie.

    dani: you know i actually tried to scan the chicks? yeah, that worked out well. ;-)

    aunty: they seem to be quite hardy! but they arrive by fat tuesday every year.

    fishy: i loved what you said about lenten roses. how beautiful. and yes yes yes. i wouldnt worry too much about the daffodils they are quite snow hardy. i love flowering quince its one of the best woody shrubs for forcing inside as an arrangement. i wish you would post more photos of your pond i know it must be glorious. and yes


  6. Chickory,
    Blowfish and I went to a movie in the rain, when we came out our car looked like a giant slushy.
    Big flakes started falling before we reached the Pond and now.... looking out the window is like looking at a black and white photograph.

    Will try to post pictures form the Pond, at the moment I have my MM stimuli posted ....You will like it

  7. Oddly enough, this snow you're getting? Missed us bigtime.

    Not scot free, though, we've teens for lows overnight and another tomorrow night, too.

    Oh well. Guess it isn't 21 March, yet.

    Still, some pretty posies you saved out, there.

  8. They are such pretty flowers, we call them 'hellebore' here.
    I have one growing in a shady part of my garden, the flowers are a creamy white turning to pale green near the centre.
    Sadly,it has never flowered again since I bought it but I am always hopeful. ♡

  9. beautiful flower .. that lenten rose.
    i need to plant me some.
    yeah, it was snowing up storm here yesterday. it's supposed to snow again today, but we will see what happens.

  10. Lovely lenten roses! Got your text yesterday of Trout in the snow - saw that morning that it was headed your way. Yay!

  11. I love, love your garden scans and I've never seen Lenten Roses. Do they need sun? That's probably why.

    When I heard there was snow in ATL, I wondered ... JUST HOW COLD ARE YOU NOW? Hee.

  12. love them hellebores. Ever go over to Athens and see the hellebore farm? can't recall its name.
    this is quite beautiful, especiall the little viole lurking. what did you use for the black? i've been dropping fabric over my scanner collages but this looks like a little tent. much nicer. alicia

  13. I'm kinda fascinated with the scannerbed photography. Do you use anything in place of the scanner lid?

  14. fishy: i loved it! yes, werent the flakes lovely? so big and fluffy. i loved it. the hens did not. trout did. i tried to rig ip a little sled for her to pull me on but she wouldnt do it. (dog is smart)

    boney: thanks. yeah, i know our excitement seems bizarre to you doesnt it? ;-)

    dianne: yes, hellobore is their scientific name. im so sorry yours failed to bloom again. i wonder why? mine hasnt grown much larger but it blooms every year. i need to plant more.

    foamy: what happened? i think mayden got snow. so i guess you did too? plant them! i found mind in a farmers market - looked like they dug it up out of the yard.

    moi: woo hoo big snow in the ATL! its like a holiday to us.

    boxer: a little teeny bit colder than in seattle. only slightly. ;-) not alot -they are shade and thats good cause thats all i have in ATL. Chickory is where the sun is.

    ABG: i used a piece of green velvet for the backdrop then used levels in photoshop to darken it. theres lots of photoshopping in this image.

    shamu: green velvet! i did a few with red velvet they were really interesting. i'll see if i can find them - they are on the old computer. i love the scanner stuff because its" a. very still so there fore clear and b. you can have insanely large file sizes. i can print this out 13 x 19 and have it crystal clear!!!

    WHEN are you going to post seattle pics?

  15. Ande: I'd already stopped worrying, when I saw your great bird watching cover on Bas Bleu. Love your chicks and their names. The Teresa/Theresa towns are tres chic! If you e-mail me a snail mail addr. (to mindspring) I'll reroute your Christmas letter, which has my four brothers' Boone/Crockett responses to Blitzen (your Christmas buck.) Hope all the wildlife is thriving (including your own wonderful natural self). Compliments from the nun.


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