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a page from my sketchbook. click it for large view.


  1. naked people, naked people, naked people.

    Funny thing about naked people.
    Not many folks actually buy them pieces. (further, of the ones that does...y'just have to wonder....)

    Oh, she's got'em, but, she's proper.
    (maybe she'll pop'em out after the kids are all in bed)

    On the other hand, I know from seeing what I see here...I'm sending kids interested in learning here to see what you did.

    Oh, yeah....I do the same thing, but, my notebook is such a mess, most folks ca't tell up from down to look at it.
    This here's a fine example!

    (probably good words across the very bottom (of the page, now, Foam, not people's bottoms....) would be 'practice, practice, practice.

    You the tops, Chickory.

  2. Love. It all. The Trout painting? Be still my heart.

  3. I came over from a comment you left on my blog, and I'm so glad I did. Your artwork is wonderful! Just makes me happy looking at them.

  4. Hello!
    Love your art..have one quick question for you ... is the tree full of red breasted robins available as a gift bag?


  6. A very nice sketch page... the whole book must hold some wondrous drawings. Thanks for stopping by hoe and shovel... I am curious who left the anonymous comment ... nonetheless I'm glad you stopped by. We really enjoyed your neighborhood in the mountains.

  7. so...more important tan that political hoohah going on at Sparring...
    Is Etsy doing it for you?
    Are there sales from it?

    My brother's Mom-in-Law wrote me and asked me why my stuff isn't in there, but, truthfully, I didn't know if it was just another venue.
    I'n plugged into about a dozen already (don't even remember some of them) but, haven't seen any sales from it at all.
    In fact, that's why I had grown that huge blog thing (the one that's gone) to sell art.
    Kind'a got off on a tangent, though, got tempered and wiped it off the board.
    Thing is, the only art I've sold on line has been a piece to Cora, a piece to Jean (and I sent her an exra piece because she had paid for another Florida gal that just disappeared...Beans) and then a guy from Illinois came to the last April Show and bought a piece.

    Anyway, just asking before i get involved m'self.
    It's a good thing to know where your feet are going, sometimes.

    Speaking of where my feet are going, I 'spect that since troll and auntie spend so much time patting each other on the back (why? ....I just dunno) maybe I'll just stick to the quieter things in life that mean something.
    Not being a high falootin' sort, y'know.

    (I LOVE that notebook page!
    You should make that onto a blank white, make a print offer (as in, if someone wants it, you'll print one) and I'de be willing to bet (hang on for a moment...) $1.27 plus a barely working stopwatch (which I use for comedy with folks from church)(OK, I pull it out, someone will generally ask me, 'what time is it?' and I'll click it, walk over to tem, click it again and say, 'About point oh five seconds since you asked me what time it was...')
    Where was I? Oh yeah...I'll betcha all them treasures
    The $1.27 in change
    The barely running stopwatch
    Plus, I'll throw in absolutely free, a piece of lint and some grass seed
    ....if no one buys it.)

  8. dang!
    Went way over ten words, too, didn't I?

  9. That's some good stuff K9.

  10. brought over a bone for Trout.
    You said 'injury'....
    Is he better, yet?

    Paul is quite lucid minded, though it may be that it's through a healthcare provider.
    Thinking, actually doesn't seem to be a problem at all. But, his typing, when he does it himself, is ..... a complimentary to his sharp mind.
    (I just don't know any other way to say his typing skills really suck)
    But, he posed several great answers to some fairly hard questions the other night.

    Well, hope ol' Trout gets to climbing the trees again, soon.

  11. love that little squirel! and thats from a woman who HATES those critters!


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