harbinger of spring



  1. love the Spring posts...
    like the couple in the background...
    are those lillies of the valley?

    This is a very dear blog.

    this is Mousie's birthday week.

    Today I got her kibble gravy, feline "greenies" treats and a catnip ball toy.

    she is all about eating all of her treats at once.

    Trout makes me happy to see when I come here. The tree walker....

  2. i love this...
    gotta go.
    my child has math homework.

  3. graceful...graceful...graceful...

  4. Lovely. Do you see it as surreal a la Breton or surreal for what you normally do? would you like me to blogroll this blog, by the way, or just leave up the other.

    Part of my master's thesis was on surrealism, but in literature.

  5. hey ya'll

    i left this jpeg large (click it) so if you want an Easter card from moi there it is!

    vanille: those are snowdrops. first bulb of the season. "dear"? i love that. a high and fine compliment. thank you. and yes, i bet you do like spring posts. and mousie? well she would be insane here because she'd be outnumbered by eastern moles. they're everywhere. i like em, though. they eat grubs. grubs grow up to be moths that make ugly webs in the trees. so go moles! btw, vanille, they made me put the people in. they were like "you gotta show the garden as a people place" and i was saying "when you look at the painting you ARE the people" *dolts*

    foam: thank you! it is one of 16 panels i did for the ATL botanical gardens. my job was to paint the four new developments in each season. this is the winter panel for the woodland walk feature. math homework? that's when i bow out. theres a reason i went to art. i wanted to be a vet. but i never made better than a "c" in organic chemistry. took the class twice. a "c" twice. i threw in the towel. you need an "a" to get in. grrrr

    by the way, foam, this painting was almost in the trash. at first the tops of the trees were very literal and fully painted. then it was too busy. so i said what the hell, and took a rag and wet it and wiped off the top, and voila! the perfect winter cloud cver. then i added a sheer wash of white over that. looks just like early morning fog here. the classic "happy accident"....you know what i mean?

    lux: thank you. this is a pretty fair representation of late winter in jawja (that's georgia to the uninitiated) bare trees and the first flowers. a favorite time of year for me cause i like to see how the land lays, after spring its too full with green and you cant see it. thanks for stopping by.

    enemy: i am thinking i am more like remedios varos and leanora carrington. both a female latin american painters....and to some extent frida kahlo. i think is an (obvious) feminine aesthetic pretty with a hint of melancholy.

    im not sure if i know who is a surrealistic writer. maybe kafka. i ddont read that much anymore which is sad. i mean fiction. i read the hell out of non fiction.

    i think Freya's surrealistic too. my exhibition for october is going to be loosely based on her blog.

    as far as the blogroll, my other identity's blog is going to be reorganized to tell the "story" and left to stand so i dont know...

    thanks all of you for stopping by.


  6. you are right, i would not have admitted it first, but this would be much better without the people in the background!

    but the way you added them is good, just right, they DO add something.

  7. I like it - the misty green, all the spaces between the trees because the leaves aren't out yet, and it suggests to me how your attention can be grabbed by the activities of even a single bird in a setting like that.

  8. i was in too much of a rush earlier.
    i'm not one for math either. luckily it was 4th grade math.
    i had wanted to say that there seems to be a maternal protective aspect which emanates from the bird. it's as if it is protectively hovering over the land. the folks in the background are fine. too bad they 'forced' you to put them in when it wasn't a part of your aesthetic to begin with.
    yes, and i so do get the happy accident. i do love the wispyness of the tree tops. continue to enjoy the view. pretty soon the next thing that will flourish and bloom is the kudzu.

  9. beautiful. spring-like. the airy, light spaces, where the leaves would be ... and the forest carpet - not quite green - all speak of so much hope, bound so tightly - packaged in those tiny little snowdrops. harbinger. great title.

    love the bird. so lovely. the people in the background - ah ... its ok. i can sorta see why they woulda wanted people. but i can see why an artist may not initially feel inclined to put them in.

    this is a dear blog, indeed.

    seeing trout here always makes me smile. i do so miss a dog.

  10. aha!

    so there is an after life.


  11. yeah, I woke up this morning thinking of Trout's photo's

    I was missing YOUR dog!!

  12. I'm thinking of Andre Breton's Manifesto on Surrealism. It is more of an artistic movement, also found in films by Luis Bunuel. For writers certain Borges would qualify as would many of the magic realists who use surrealism as a tool but not a means.


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