back in the woods!



  1. tell k9 that i just luv the whimsical nature of this drawing....:)

  2. what a cuuuuute ... drawing ...

    and way to go red and dovey! yeaay easter eggs!

    hugs to you ... thinkin' of ya ...


  3. oh, ditto what frank said....

  4. i will work on a mix cd for you.
    something to inspire the art.

  5. ohhhhhhh, lucky you..
    and a fun, relaxing yet productive and spiritually refreshing time..

  6. I do like Your lively drawings!

  7. Let's see it as a painting.

    I love the playful happiness. K-9 returns to her happy spot.

  8. Nice hat! Great jacket! Dancing in the woods - nice.

  9. does a bear dance with chickory chickens in the woods?

    does infinitesmal need friends?

  10. of all the stupid questions I gotta come up with.
    Can a person have a relationship with (or through) their computer....

    What's a married point of view?

    Actually, of all my friends, and I'm speaking of people here that I can touch, talk to, and interact with, the longest married couple I know (my generation-wise) with thirty plus years under their belts
    have seperate beds.
    And while they do share the same bed occasionally, for the most part they tell me it's a more fun experience being "new" to each other.
    I told them about you and Mr. Chickory.

    (lookie...I learned. three pages of ramble on about peripherals deleted, he bid his adieu (?) and slipped away.)
    ( I did NOT bring a camera, did I?
    Hopefully your face was covered....)

  11. geez...I dunno whether to tell ya the joke or tell ya I went 'off' yesterday...

    Aw what the heck, you already know I go off,, here's the joke....

    a hush falls over the crowd...
    boneman steps up to the board
    (and folks, sometimes he is very boring...)
    but this is for the gold.
    His hand raises...
    he's lifting...
    OH What a fabulous, four point deletion!
    Yes! Boneman has over-reacted and deleted all four of his blogs in one swift afternoon!

    Too bad there’s not a gold medal to hand him, though, as there is no over-reacting event at the olympics.
    Instead we have a
    gold colored glass! Won't he love showing that off?

    Oh, how sad.
    And yet, not at all, because one blog is neater, swifter, and takes almost no time to deal with.

    I say 'almost' because, well, you definitely have to watch where you step when there's gators hanging about.

    And, I even painted a new picture this morning.
    Still shiny, so I'll post it tomorrow (have a fan on it)
    (the fan's name is Larry...)

  12. hello to all!!

    i lost that playful happiness when i came back to the city and found my studio flooded!! grrrrrrrrrrr! thanks everyone for stopping by i will get back to bloggin and commenting as soon as i can.

    boney. yes i have my own room. i have even my own house. therefore, i have managed to be married for 15 years.

    go for the gold buddy!!

    xoxox to all of you!

  13. Hi Ande,
    This is Lisa Gleim. I don't know if you remember me or not but you were my art teacher-for a short time my senior year at Tucker High in 1989. I LOVE your work. Check out mine at and drop me a line. I would love to catch up with you. Matt Lee gave me your info!!
    Take care!


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