Uncensored, unedited stream of consciousness painting. At the show last week, many people reported this to be their favorite. Busy today; I have a very special guest arriving. Boxer! Too bad I was in the ATL last night: there was a frost at Chickory and I fear that I will return to ruined food: strawberries, blueberries, greens, and my flowers! *sniff*

Back on Monday with a detailed post on my painting process for Susan over at 29Blackstreet. Have a great weekend, everyone!

* Here's some details from the painting above:


  1. That beautiful buck is being awfully accommodating to those dogs! "Caint we all just git along?"

    You gals have fun, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the frost didn't nip too harshly at your crops.

  2. Thanks Moi! we'll miss you, of course. The RHodesians are trapped in that blue flower like the Zod and the bad guys from Krypton were trapped in the mirror. grherhaha. I'll send you a farm report tomorrow.

  3. I so love your brilliant use of COLOR! Hope y'all have a bliss girl's weekend and will look forward to the frosty garden report.

  4. Always love seeing your work. I think it's funny that when artist's "remove" themselves from work they find that they are often surprised by the results. Hope your crops and flowers fared alright. It's chilly here so maybe ya'll weren't too bad either.

  5. I love them all - I love how rich and layered with info, images, texture, colour and decoration that all are - tres inspiring my friend.

    can't wait for the painting process post & a big merci !! happy weekend, pas de frost much love Susan & les Gang

  6. My favorite part of the painting (of course) is the chorus line of bird/cat/dog/cat ... all under a canopy of sorts? I can see what this was a fave of the show. Love it. You and Boxie be good ... and if you can't be good, be careful! Fun fun fun and a good break for both of you. Much needed I am sure! Cheers to you both!


  8. Was thinking of you gals! Hope you have a grand time together and am looking forward to hearing/reading about what transpires.

    Love the painting and am relating to the little black kitty with his little pink tongue! (just like my Jazzy!)

    Hope the frost wasn't as bad as you thought! Drink loads and Happy Cinco de Mayo. Or Happy My Buddy Boxer is HERE! xoxo

  9. beautiful surreal c

    your paintings will hang
    in great galleries one day

    Remember what the dormouse said
    "Keep your head -- Keep your head"
    ( for XL ;)

    × × ×


  10. beautiful!! once i had a friend tell me
    that the buck was my power animal.
    he visioned that.
    i'm thinking he took a whole tab perhaps.

  11. Beautiful. Totally engaging. I like the expression on the black cat's face.

  12. will there be a pillow fight? A forced march/ hike?


    well, have jes' the grandest time, ladies.
    Oh, an' I hopes them veggies an' flowers ain't frost burnt.

  13. I looooove your work ~ so beautiful and colourful!


    love to you ....

  14. Beautiful! I love the one below, too. You work very well quickly. ;) Happy weekend - xo Pam

  15. Beautiful dear chickory, I love your blending of the background colours, the greens,aquas,blues,yellows and turquoise ... love the kitties with their cute little 'nips' and the fur on the buck looks so real.
    Have a great weekend!

    xoxoxo ♡

  16. old mother flower
    charms and cares
    sweet calming petals
    loving and fair
    wearing fine whispers
    of warmth that takes hold
    sweeps on a chant
    of solar charged rolls
    playing on sunshine
    warm summer weaves
    with butterfly circles
    in lines of the bees
    the trees and the feilds
    brush the fine scent
    of vibrant colors
    loves medicine


  17. Good afternoon Chickory,

    That's quite a rack on your Deer.

    You guys have fun this weekend.

  18. Love this painting! A great combination of three of my favorite things: Two ridgebacks and a deer. I think we may have known each other in a previous life! The similarities are so striking and it fascinate me. :)

  19. Beautiful!! Love your paintings.

    Lisa Q

  20. Ande! I LOVE this painting! You're amazing!

  21. whenever i venture to these pages my attention is always drawn to my heart. it immediately makes its presence felt.
    i do not visit here with my mind - but as a full sensory experience.
    the colours, the vibrancy, the brush strokes, the photography, everything you portray comes with such an awareness, a consciousness , a gentleness.
    i stand in absolute awe of what unfolds here.

    that image you had a few posts back of your mother also captured that aspect of you. lost to so many, you carry the gene of the continuation of beauty.
    always a pleasure.

  22. I just love your artwork.

    You're such a talented lady.

    Hope you had a great time with our Ms Boxer.

  23. we needs pictures of yore garden...

  24. As I know you know, drafting is one thing, but the visual flowing of (sub)consciousness is not at all the same. To do both well is practical and peaceful survival, a goal all want to attain, but few are able. You do it SO well.


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